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  1. Hi I am writing this to get your advice on fluctishosting.com Are theure services good bcoz I was looking at the website under budget MC and the have unlimited HDD and 6 gb ram for 8$ can anyone vouch if they're good or not?

    Off Topic -If any of u guys are Hosting Company Owners I would like to know your plans PM ME!
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    Hosting companies can't offer you service via the forums. Fluctis is not a new provider and has a generally good reputation, good and bad reviews like most hosts out there. I'd recommend going for SSDs rather than an HDD plan though, you'd likely hit a bottleneck with so many servers running alongside yours on regular disks.
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    Used them 2 years ago, they're a solid host. And their support team is great. Hardware is decent for what you pay for, too.
  4. I had them for a year and a half, and I personally would not go back to them. They were pretty laggy and the control panel sucks, in my opinion.
    I currently use BisectHosting and I've used them since then, I absolutely love them.