Spigot Fly 1.0

A lightweight basic Minecraft fly plugin.

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    Fly - A lightweight basic Minecraft fly plugin.

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  2. Yes, I know that there are a lot of plugins out there allowing you to fly. But most of them come with lots of additional features such as Essentials. So basically i made a plugin that will only focus on letting you fly on your server without any additional features or advertising messages. Just fly without being bound to any additional features.
  3. Just so he can post a premium resource ^^
  4. I put it into the plugins folder in the server. Restarted the server. Got on and it didn't work. Help!
  5. It doesn't work on Spigot 1.9.2 i installed and did /pl didn't showed Fly plugin either :(
  6. what i should do if i want to disable the fly in a world
  7. on 1.8 it just disables
  8. Still working great on Spigot 1.10.2 without issues.
  9. Still working even in 1.11, thank you!
  10. Mind sharing where you add the permission fly.fly? Is this dependent on another plugin? Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm using PermissionsEx as well, and added the permission to my mods group.
  12. Really appreciate that! I installed PermissionsEx (great tool btw, thanks for pointing me to it). But no matter what I do I'm unable to get the /fly command to be recognized on my server (1.11.2)

    I edit the permissions to include an admins group and add me to it with fly.fly and minecraft doesn't recognize the command /fly

    Anybody else have this issue? Here are my permissions if somebody might be able to help. Thanks again!

    Code (Text):
          default: true
        - modifyworld.*
            - fly.fly
    schema-version: 1
        - admin
          name: playerName
  13. Mind documenting where/how to add the permissions? I'm using PermissionsEx and unable to get the /fly command working. Thank you!