Spigot Flying Carpet 1.4.1

Travel the world on a magical flying carpet!

  1. Can someone please tell me what versions of bukkit/spigot this plugin is currently compatible with? Is it working with 1.10 and/or 1.11?
  2. i have on 1.11.2 and work. But not supported.
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  3. sothatsit


  4. no problem :) man if you ever want me to re - review after some major update just pm me :)
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  5. Hi

    Players can choose the blocks of carpet ? :)
  6. sothatsit


    Only a crafting table/enderchest and/or light can be optionally added to your carpet at this point.
  7. This plugin work on 1.12 with java 8 (?) i didn't see on spigot page version that are compatibility.
  8. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    So the plugin works great with 1.12.1 but there is a new glass block dupe using observer blocks, pistons, and a timer. I will post a video and/or better explanation when I get a chance :p
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  9. Is there a way to make the blacklist act as whitelist? I only want players to be able to use it in 1 region.
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  10. I can't seem to get this to work for anyone who is not OP? Did the permission nodes all change names or something? I've tried a dozen variations based on previous naming and what the listed ones were but nothing worked (like flyingcarpet. instead of magiccarpet. since the other wasn't working).
  11. Hey, I'm having an issue with the flyingcarpet.teleport kicking people off their carpets during normal use. I have altered the move to quickly threshoold on my spigot server as that seem'ed to be the initial issue but it's still happening to the odd player who may have poor ping.

    My only reason for wanting to negate the teleport permission is to prevent use of flying carpet in the end dimension, is there an alternative way to disable this? Could we have a similar feature to the teleport but using the PlayerChangedWorldEvent ? so when that is called it toggles the flyingcarpet off? I think that would solve all my issues :p
  12. Can you make this plugin save the carpet state of a player so when they leave and rejoin they have the carpet? (Could be done with UUID storing to ensure namechanges aren't a problem)
  13. Could you also make this project a GitHub project. I would love to make some much needed contributions to it :)
  14. sothatsit


    sothatsit updated FlyingCarpet with a new update entry:

    Minecraft 1.13 Preparations

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  16. @sothatsit a couple of things that should be added:
    - Ability to go into water/lava with carpet and get out of water/lava with carpet enabled.
    - Ability to login and if carpet is enabled before they logged out they rejoin with a carpet.
    - Vertical movements are laggy with the carpet. (try teleporting the player and carpet at the same time to resolve this instead of letting the player fall)
    - Sugar_cane, water_lily, cactus fall of when using magic carpets.
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  17. @sothatsit yes I am having the same issues for a while now. farming is impossible to do with the carpet on as it breaks everything. I am happy about the slime/redstone update as that for sure makes redstone builds easier (without breaking the blox).. With regards to what the person above said carpet disappearing on logout/login is really annoying and the water/lava issues also are a pain.
    I also have really jerky movements when going down and i seem to get a lot of ghost blox as I am travelling midair overworld.

    Thank you
  18. sothatsit


    I'm not quite sure what you mean by jerky movements when going down. Is there any chance you could elaborate? Or if it is possible I would love to come on either of your servers to take a look.

    The other issues are larger issues that I am looking into fixing although it is not an easy problem because the blocks have to act like they are in two states at the same time. For example, as glass for collision and water for crops.

    I am looking into getting these solved though, and plan on being able to do this sooner rather than later.