Spigot FlyTime Version 1.2

Limit players' fly time!

  1. Captain_Sisko submitted a new resource:

    FlyTime - Limit players' fly time!

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  2. i downloaded it, works perfectly
  3. Really love the idea, the only complaint would be not being able to remove the [FlyTime] before plugin messages in chat. Would you be willing/able to add that to the config?
  4. I added the option to the config. Be sure you delete the old configuration file so it can be regenerated with the new option.
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  5. This may sound silly but I was wondering if you might consider having the feature of sending players to the ground when they log off while flying an option. So one could turn it off if they wanted. I currently have a resource which keeps players flying when they log off while in flight so these two are opposites. Perhaps as an alternative suggestion have the choice to keep them flying?
  6. This would cause players' fly times to keep counting down even when they are offline. If I simply kept them in the air, they would also fall to the ground upon joining. I would have to rework parts of this plugin for this to work.
  7. when i added flytime.fly, it still say you don't have an administrator's permission to use that, am i missing something? on another server works just fine. 1.12.2
  8. resolved, it is griefprevention that cause the problem
  9. I added a config option for that in the latest update.
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  10. Can you ensure that this plugin also works on 1.8?
  11. Hi! This works perfectly! I am currently using the 1.15.2 Minecraft Spigot version, and there is no problems with it! The only question that I have is would you be able to make it so that there is some text above your EXP bar telling you how much time you have left? That would be awesome! Thanks for this xD
  12. yes it does, I tested on all versions [I got too much time xD] also ik this was posted 2 yrs ago, but wanted to help if I can xD