Bukkit FOLFriend - Start adding friends, MySQL support!(1.8.3~1.14) 1.2.8

Friend system in RPG Game

  1. I suggest add back button in all guis.
    And suggest add to command "/folfriend" aliases "/fol" or "/folf"
  2. Found bugs:
    • Player can send invite to player who not exist
    • upload_2019-4-10_23-42-35.png

    • Player can spam invites to other players
    • upload_2019-4-10_23-43-21.png

    • Player can spam teleporting to friend
    • upload_2019-4-10_23-47-1.png
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  3. Upgrade to 1.14?
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  4. Hello, can you add the fact that in the GUI of friends, we can add information other than the exp like for example with placeholderapi, are money, business, success or other ? please :D
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  5. OK, I will add in next upgrate
  6. If you want another idea of content, do not hesitate to ask me I have plenty of ideas
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  7. wow, that's great.
    You can give me all ideas
  8. Hello @wayne870602. When you fix this bugs?
    Do you need video evidence?
    #110 AlekseyJust, Jun 3, 2019
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  9. The problem is not solved?
    OK , plz give me video.
  10. Here. And I suggest add alias /folf for command /folfriend
    #112 AlekseyJust, Jun 3, 2019
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  11. I repair that all
  12. @wayne870602 I suggest adding a function when a player uses /vanish, this player will be offline in the friends list.
  13. @wayne870602, Big load, when on server playing 5 players. upload_2019-6-30_14-31-51.png
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  14. Hi @wayne870602 , Thanks for the great plugin, i have seen some already sent you the same sort of things but i have been going over the plugin and finding users find it hard and confusing with some of the system.

    could you please add a short command like /f or /ff rather then /folfriends its a little much to be typing.
    could you please also include a back button on all the GUI pages.
    could you also please fix when clicking on empty spaces in the GUI it closes the window.
    could you by any chance add the ability to send mail with items to friends.
    Could you please add config option to use all GUI rather then having both gui and text.
    and lastly i think could you include or take over the normal mail commands, so /friends would open /folfriend gui, when using /mail it would take the function of /folfriend mail etc etc

    Thanks again for the plugin happy to help with ideas to make this the next must have plugin.