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Add fully custom food into the game.

  1. TheTealViper submitted a new resource:

    FoodLol - Add custom textured food into the game.

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  2. Good, but can not accumulate items with custom textures
  3. Ohhhhh I'm a fool I never thought about that
  4. I'm going ice skating tonight but be sure to remind me tomorrow and I'll fix it.
  5. Thanks! If you can, place in the configuration file a method to change the eat sound(For Custom Drinks)
  6. (Sorry for my english)
    I realized some things:

    1 - When you have only 1 custom item in inventory, and all the inventory is full. And you try to take the same custom from the ground, some disappear from the ground.

    2 - On furnaces, the custom items don't stack, need to remove the item for the furnace to start baking again.

    3 - Custom items don't stack when you are crafting, only when you take from the ground.
  7. 1. Doesn't happen for me but I'll look into it.
    2. I'm not sure what you mean by custom item but if you're talking about retexturing a diamond sword/hoe/skull then I'm not sure how you're smelting anything.
    3. Again, I'm not sure what you mean by craft because you can't craft these items. I'll assume you meant well and were intending to mean given the food by command and if this is the case, I fixed it in the recent release.