Spigot FoodToSprint 1.0.4 (final)

Turn the food bar into a sprint bar!

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    FoodToSprint - Turn the food bar into a sprint bar!

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  2. Hey! Can you add a part for regeneration and a part for decreasing the sprint bar?
  3. Sure, just finished it, updating the plugin soon.
  4. Can you add per world thing?
    Like in the lobby it wont work and in other worlds it will work
    (edit in config)
  5. Sure, just finished it & updating soon.
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  6. Perfetto plugin it's a good idea i'll try it soon ^^
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  7. omfg u r the best!!!!
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  8. so i updated to 1.9 and its not working anymore :(
    with no errors

    its like take years to remove hunger while in the config its 1 tick..
    pls fix it
  9. I take a look at it.

    Edit: Works for me in 1.9.4, did you try to re-download the Plugin and/or delete the old configuration?
  10. i will try to redownload when i will be on the computer
  11. everything works perfect!
    thanks bro :D
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  12. So you asking for a way to modify the amount of food added/subtracted from a special player?
  13. Alright, added it, updating the plugin...
    #16 Dexuby, Jul 21, 2017
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  14. can you add to support skillAPI?
  15. Support for which function of SkillAPI?
  16. Mana system and placeholder {fts_food} to show sprint status