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  1. How do I connect the head to the floor in ArmorStand?

  2. SteelPhoenix


    Move the armor stand down..?
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  3. but when I hit Armor Stand it will move with velocity.
    If I spawn down 1 block, it causes it to jam.
    (sorry for my english: S)
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  4. You have to make it invulnerable, have no gravity and you should additionally set the marker tag
  5. The only problem right now is that your head is high above the ground.
  6. armorStand.setLocation(armorStand.getLocation().add(0, -1, 0)); ? Change the -1 if necessary.
  7. I mentioned this before: D
  8. Thats why you have to set those flags.
    Mister bigfont should try it out or search what the flags do before complaining.

    Then it should not disturb anything and won't look bad too. Not sure what you mean exactly with "jam"
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  9. sorry i guess this would be more accurate:

    but when I hit the Armor Stand, it will move quickly.
    If I move 1 block down, it will be stuck.
  10. Use a slime instead. Teleport armourstand to slime with y -1.
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  11. If you're insisting on using armorstand
    try to have something to be hit like a slime as @Gerolmed mentioned above it's bouncy and it's good.

    And then just move your armorstand to where the slime is. Have the slime invisible.

    what exactly arre you trying to achieve?
  12. I'm trying to make a ball like in the BlockBall plugin
    I will not use the resource pack as in the BlockBall plugin
    but the size of the ball (ball = skull)
    and couldn't adjust position

    When ArmorStand is hit, I move it with velocity.
    but if the armor stand is spawned under 1 block of ground it gets stuck
    and can not move
  13. Why are you making it so difficult?
    - Set an invisible slime as a 'hitbox'
    - Have an armorstand teleported every tick to the slime at an offset of y-1.5 or something
    - Marker ArmorStand, you know what else
  14. How do I adjust the size of the ball?
  15. I think Slimes are small enough for a ball, and their size are also adjustable
  16. I did as you said, but there are very little roughness
    - How can I stop slime from moving?
    - Since armor stand is in slime, such blackness occurs

  17. Can you stop writing everything on bold? We are not blind.

    Maybe try this:
    Take a small armourstand. Turn head downwards. (Optional: mount armourstand on slime)
    This might lead to the ball "hovering" a bit above the ground, but thats the only way I can think of so that its not "unlit" without using a resourcepack.

    Edit: to stop the slime from moving set it to no ai or if that disables velocity, remove the pathfinder goals.

  18. No need anymore. I've solved all the problems
    - I solved the blackout problem by making the marker false
    - I used a 2nd armorstand instead of slime

    Thanks guyz
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