Spigot Footsteps 2015-08-18

Make footprints while walking!

  1. Assossa submitted a new resource:

    Footsteps - Make footprints while walking!

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  2. Please fix when you stop it makes like three footprints in the same spot, and when you spin it creates them too.
    It looks bad but if you fix those problems it will be sweet!
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  3. Well, they're there for a reason. Think about it, you leave footprints if you stand still, you also leave footprints from spinning in circles as your feet have to move.
  4. No but it looks super ugly it makes the floor gray.

    Edit: TallGrass, Slabs, Snow Layers, etc. make the footprint in the air or in the ground, please fix.
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  5. This works very well with BukkitGames..Awesome plugin!
  6. This plugin is amazing. Best footsteps plugin I have ever seen +1
  7. Could you add a permission node, so only players with that permission will have footsteps?