For those who are going to run a server...

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  1. Well, don't know why I am writing this thread. I just feel like it, it's more like my opinion on Minecraft servers.

    1. Don't make a Factions server... ever.

    2. Use a domain, not a numeric IP.

    3. Hire developers that actually know what they are doing.

    4. Don't use Enjin.

    5. Don't have a server name that ends with MC, Network, or Craft.

    6. A developer does not mean you know how to configure plugins.

    7. Never, ever, use

    8. Have a color scheme that actually looks good.

    9. Use legit XenForo, you scumbag.

    10. No, I don't care that you're from Planet Minecraft.

    Added by @JamesJ
    Don't think you know everything just because you own a server - there are always people that know more about you.

    Have a pet peeve about newbie server owners? Post it here. Sorry, if I came off like a asshole in the post.
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  2. tl;dr: no stupid
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  3. 1) ✔
    2) ✔
    3) ✔
    4) ✔
    5) ✔
    6) ✔
    7) ✔
    8) ✔ (imo)
    9) ✔
    10) ✔
    I believe all my shit is in order.
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  4. JamesJ


    Don't think you know everything just because you own a server - there are always people that know more about you.
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  5. Sinclare

    Sinclare Previously xSinclare

    Great tips. I would say the same thing to new servers owners. I have ran many in the past and every time I start a new I learn more new things. One pet peeve of mine is maturity. When kids start up a new Minecraft server that they plan on releasing publicly some just don't have the level of maturity to handle a server which causes them to screw up often, become corrupt and overall a bad community and server.
  6. crap time to rename my server
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  7. Name it "NetworkCraftMC" in spite of the list :p
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  8. I would but meh
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  9. Never said I did, it's things that new server owners do that is quite annoying.
  10. I used an "mc" domain name. There's no inherent problem with it. It's just when it becomes something generic like "pvpcraft" and "mcfactions" that it's a problem. Truth is, your players give zero shits about the name of your server. As long as the gameplay's fun.
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  11. it was a joke but makes sense
  12. Don't listen to this bs, here are the real rules:

    - Analyse the market, find what's popular (factions, prison, minigames..)
    - Keep in mind that being a fast follower is in most cases better than being an innovator, let the others take all the risks
    - Do what the hell you want as long as it looks accessible and professional, quality is more important than originality, you want to be better, not different
    - Advertise it well
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  13. Celebrimbor


    Lol...maybe a little.
  14. JamesJ


    No I'm saying add that to the list.
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  15. I disagree on number one as a factions server owner since 2012. As long as your gameplay is innovative there isn't a problem with factions servers. The problem is the unoriginal servers with the same recycled stuff.
  16. Exactly, you want to be where the demand is the most important and the demand for faction is high af.
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  17. 1. but they make a crap ton
    2. but it is easier to remember
    3. but my 11 year old brother is a god dev
    4. but it is very nice and free
    5. but it is easy to remember
    6. but i develop configs
    7. but it sounds cool
    8. yellow and black looks dope tho
    9. but i am broke
    10. but i am
  18. So, you're saying that we should overflow the MC Server market with generic faction servers? Makes sense.

    Added then.

    It's the truth... ish.
  19. JamesJ


    Factions isn't the only generic game mode. Skywars, Creative, Survival, Prison..
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  20. I'd argue Prison is in the same pit as Factions. Boring as shit, way overdone, and stupid in general. I don't even understand how to play it, or how it could appeal to anyone.
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