For those who are going to write plugins...

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  1. Well, don't know why I am writing this thread. I just feel like it too, it's more like my opinion on plugin developers.

    1. Don't upload a(nother) useless plugin like AntiCreeper, DoubleJump, SwearBlocker... ever

    2. Use proper case in class names and package names. Stop calling all your main class

    3. Learn Java before touching Bukkit API.

    4. Don't decompile random plugins all the time to learn how things work.

    5. Don't name your plugin prefix with "Super" or suffix with "Plus".

    6. Using Skript is okay but don't call yourself a real programmer.

    7. Why the hell you still add"xxx is enabled!") in onEnable()???

    8. Stop using rainbow color in your plugin menu.

    9. Make the plugin's alert message configurable, you scumbag.

    10. No, I don't care that you want to sell premium resource on Spigot.

    Sick about low-quality crap plugins? Post it here. Sorry, if I came off like another asshole in the post.

    Thanks to @Polar's thread which inspire me to write this.
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  2. Kind of ironic that this comes from someone with plugins named 'LockettePro' or 'ChestshopPro'
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  3. ikr, my friend asked me to name this plugin "SuperChestLockerPro+"
    I was actually based off NoCheatPlus' idea to make a better version of previous one, thus adding the pro.
  4. @connection_lost I understand why you use the Pro, and it's completely fine, but kind of the same situation as Plus or Super, making your 5th argument kind of hypocritic
  5. RiotShielder


    So uh, what should I be naming my main classes?
  6. I usually do my plugin name.
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  7. JamesJ


    But what about my SuperChatLockPro+ plugin that I want to sell on Spigot for $15.00/each with the main class
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  9. So there's some guy who is literally broken right now. But still, thanks for giving an example about how not to write your plugin description.
  10. I actually enjoyed this thread, and used my format. Thanks for making my day!
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  11. There is nothing wrong with naming the main class name Main.
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  12. so who scammed you ?
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  13. What?
  14. he is like baddas but at the same time like someone used him throw him away when he done
  15. If he was scammed, this thread shouldn't be made to discuss about it. I suggest PMing him or something.
  16. that was a joke in some way
  17. As stated here before, naming your main class Main has nothing wrong with it as it is your main class, this here actually explains it better than I ever could but naming a main class Main just because it's the main class doesn't make it wrong, it's like saying you shouldn't call your API class {Plugin}API because it's your class' api, or calling an int "gold" because that's what it's storing. In fact naming it "Main" in many cases would be just fine, just don't name it "abdfSDF" or something of the sort. All classes should also follow this:
    Class names should be nouns, in mixed case with the first letter of each internal word capitalized. Try to keep your class names simple and descriptive. Use whole words-avoid acronyms and abbreviations (unless the abbreviation is much more widely used than the long form, such as URL or HTML).
    Right from the oracle sight for naming conventions.

    EDIT: Fixed in main thread, I'll leave it here just because it may help someone in the future.
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  18. Thanks for an actual explanation. I will cross those out for now.
  19. No problem, felt like people were spouting it out but nobody was backing up what they were saying. I edited my post acknowledging you crossed them out. Thank you :)
  20. And instead of saying don't write another useless plugin you should put "don't upload another useless plugin" mainly because righting the useless plugin may help the person but uploading it won't help anyone. Sure they can write it, test it, figure some stuff out but then just use it personally instead of uploading it but you should never have the dev restricted because even the smallest exercises help. I started out writing simple world blocking plugins and making tiny insignificant things and now I can do much more because of it.

    Last thing, hope this isn't too bad...
    Code (Text):
    10. No, I don't care that you're want to sell premium plugins on spigot.
    The spelling / grammar is wrong, put "No, I don't care that you want to sell premium plugins on Spigot." I think that would be better for the thread.

    Otherwise, disregarding all of that I love this post and everything it stands for. Maybe make it a "resource" instead, you can do this through editing the title(tag).

    Thank you @connection_lost for listening to my ideas and criticism, you've gained my respect :)
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