Force entity to break a block

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  1. How would I force an entity to break a block? Packets? If so what packet and how?
  2. You can't force an entity to break a block, that is client side! You can however replace the block and throw an block break event yourself, if that is what you want.
  3. You see, zombies can break blocks like doors, I want that to happen but with a different block I swear you can do that ;'( or atleast make it so it swings at the item or something like that
  4. When a zombie breaks a door, the server replaces the door with air, drops the item and throws an event. That is exaclty the same as i said you could do.
  5. How would I correctly time the breakage of the block, like the marks that go into the block until it breaks? And it depends on the item the entity is holding?
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    The server has to tell the client that the zombie is breaking the door, though. Entity AI isn't handled clientside.
  7. There is a packet for animation (walking but alse breaking animation) and there is a packet for particles.
  8. How do I make it so the block is cracking?
  9. There is a block break animation packet