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  1. Hello,

    I have read through this I have also watch this, this and several other resources. I cannot get the fallback server to work.

    I have disabled all my BungeeCord plugins I am still getting same affect.

    Here is my config.yml

    The issue I am having is, when I am on the server beyond the Hub (default server) and it is closed/restarted/stopped I am not being forced back to the host. Instead I am just kicked.

    I do not have any error logs that I see on BungeeCord just the proxy.log(s).
  2. Is there a plugin I can use to make this work?
  3. Are you saying that when you are on a different server (skyblock for example), and you try to rejoin the hub (which is offline), you just get kicked?

    If it's offline it should send you a message, unless the server you are on is also restarting, in which you'll get kicked
  4. What I am saying is if there is a Hub that is the default server and it connects to server A, server B, etc...

    If I am on server A and server A restarts then I want to be forced back to the hub
  5. Set the network compression threshold to 256.
  6. Use this plugin. It should kick players to the appropriate fallback server:

    And use this config:
    Code (Text):
    message: "%kickmsg%"
    servername: "lobby"
    mode: blacklist
    - ban
    - banned
    - idling
    - afk
    - password
    - timeout
    - ip
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