Spigot ForceResourcePack [1.7 | 1.8 | 1.9] 1.1.12

Force players to use a resource pack

  1. I am running this plugin on spigot 1.7.10 and it seems to do nothing after broadcasting the download message. There is nothing in the console regarding errors. Players aren't kicked and none of the deny actions or messages work. Sorry the post is somewhat vague, I have no console logs to go on.
  2. No. Currently it is only possible to reset it by sending an empty resource pack. (It's a Minecraft limitation)
  3. Do you have any idea what the problem is regarding my previous post?

  4. Are you sure the resource pack works when using it without this plugin?
  5. Sorry, the "The server recommends the use of a custom resource pack..." message still appears and you can choose to download it or ignore. It is only after you choose to not accept the download that nothing happens.
  6. Did you configure the plugin correctly?
    By default, nothing will change if you deny the resource pack. But you can set it to kick players etc..
  7. I first configured it to kick the player if they did not accept the download and then tried the no interact, no movement option. Both were configured correctly yet neither occurred.
  8. What version of spigot are you using? And if its set to kick the player then the option no interact wont work. Cause it would kick them.
  9. version 1.7.10. I understand the two conflict, I tried them independently.
  10. Hey resourcepackapi link doesn't work
  11. Yep, I'm currently trying to find out why it's no longer accessible.
  12. @inventivetalent, the plugin is working really good. Is it possible to apply a resource pack in some worlds? If I go to another server the resource pack can be reseted to the default one? :|
  13. If I recall you would have to upload a default minecraft texturepack.
  14. Currently you can only change the resource pack for the whole server, but I can add support for different worlds.
    As SeniorCluckers said, you have to send an empty resource pack if you want to reset it.
  15. If you add support for different worlds would be great. :D
  16. Probably an oversight with MC itself, but when you download the pack to be forced on the server, could you not just replace the downloaded files with your own pack? So say you wanted Faithful texture pack to be forced, and players want to use a version that tweaks flame height effect and removes potion effects (so an advantage), they could just replace the files in the downloaded resource pack from the server with the replacements - because it would go by overall pack name, not by the actual content of the textures - unless it gets an estimate from the file size of each texture.

    Hopefully i explained well enough haha. - But this would be an issue on my upcoming faction server where we want to limit everyone to use the default pack - but they could replace the downloaded files with an xray pack, and they will be able to use it without any issues - because it would not be able to verify if it is the texture it is meant to be.

    Unless when you join everytime, the texture gets re-downloaded and replaces the previous installlation. - Don't know if you have any control over that.
  17. on:
    join: false

    Still It sends me resource pack after join...