Spigot ForceResourcePack [1.7 | 1.8 | 1.9] 1.1.12

Force players to use a resource pack

  1. Try it :)
  2. Hey there, I may be just being silly but it doesn't appear to be working for me on 1.10. It worked fine for me on 1.9 and I haven't touched any files since then. I'm using the latest versions of both this plugin and ResourcePackAPI.

    It gives you the "sending resource pack" message, then stops. In the console and logs, no status is given on the download.

    Start up log:

    Example of player joining:

  3. 1.10 doesn't have the resourcepack-hash anymore, so it currently doesn't handle that properly.
  4. Thanks for the reply, is there any workaround available which causes the resource pack to be sent?
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  5. Heres my major problem with this sort of plugin.
    Once the client denies the pack request once, it will remember it forever on the client and set this on the player server list:


    So, if we have kick players enabled it will not ask again to use the pack and just keep kicking players on login with defeats the purpose.
    Any Way this can be fixed? maybe using ProtocolLib ?
  6. Sorry, there's no way to fix that, since it's a clientside feature.
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  7. When u have prompt and it asks that yes or no thing if you click esc/escape it wont do anything.
    And is there any way to change the msg of the yes or no? ive seen a few servers do that
  8. There's no way to detect when a player presses escape.
    I doubt any servers managed to change the messages, as that is completely client-side.
  9. Ok, What if something like this:

    If player move check if the yes or no msg has been msged to them if not kick and view that msg.
  10. Can you add perworld support?
  11. How do we set the "link"
  12. Nevermind figured it out.
  13. Although, when it's downloading it. My % goes into the negatives...
  14. Ok! After experimenting a bit, I finally got it WORK! Thank you so MUCH!
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  15. No. :p
  16. Ah, apparently only some textures are working for my players, do you know about this?