Formal Petition to all BungeeCord Plugin Developers

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  1. I actually own an AntiBots plugin, my plugin is capable of banning all bots in cracked and premium servers without any issue, and letting new players and old players join the server.

    But... Recently, we noticed that 99% of BungeeCord Plugins, are not though to handle more than 100 connections per second (even there are bot attacks with +1000 connections per second). That fact is because, the majority of BungeeCord plugins, runs their checks and events, even if the event was cancelled by another plugin.

    I will put an example down here for those who doesn't understand what i mean:

    Bot attack happens >>> AntiBot plugin kicks 100 bots in the last second >>> Even of the AntiBot kicking 100 bots in the last second, other plugins will check those 100 bots in that second, that means that the network will get stressed because their checks are slowly and more complete.

    But, how can we handle bot attacks with the help of an AntiBots? You will be thinking.

    It is REALLY easy to avoid this, and you have 2 options:

    1. Adding the following code when you trigger an event:

    Code (Java):
    if (event.isCancelled()) {
    With this code, you will be cancelling your plugin checks, if an AntiBot plugin has kicked the player. This way, bot-attacks won't crash the server due to your bungeecord plugin.

    2. Moving your plugin checks to the LoginEvent instead of the PreLoginEvent

    I hope you understand what i'm trying to transmit with this post, and i hope you apply it into your Bungee plugins, for the love of every network.

    Bot-Attacks are REALLY being an issue, for cracked servers and premium servers in the last months and this could be perfect to stop them all in combination of an AntiBots.

    Thanks so much everyone for reading :giggle:
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  2. I think the same as you. Go ahead with it!
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  3. Thanks!
  4. 100% agree, it's not a bug it's a Feature.
  5. Good practice in all plugins, be it Bungee or Spigot.

    Sadly, i doubt plugins will do anything to solve it. You may be able to remove handlers for the event, but I'm not sure if that would cause issues.
  6. Yep, sadly not everyone will do it, but, if we achieve popular plugins doing it, it will be enough :)
  7. Please stop spamming DMs to everyone with bungeecord resources.. Thank you
  8. Hello there!

    We just sent DM to 4 most popular bungeecord resources. Is that everyone? Because i think theres more than 1000 bungee resources in SpigotMC
  9. ah well, i like the petition, but this just looks like a ad to use your plugin xd
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  10. Do you want me to show you some videos where this is actually happening? Or you could just google yourself "Bot-attacks minecraft"
  11. A very nice ad that shows how his plugin is useless and servers still crash from bot attacks because of the lack of common sense in the bungee dev community
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  12. You could have at least
    • named the right resource name in your message
    • actually reviewed the code you are talking about
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  13. Well they were crashing but not from the plugin, more like from the debug.
    We fixed that already. you can test us (with 450 000 connections), but i doubt it will be caused by us entirely. :shrug:
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  14. "his plugin is useless and servers still crash from bot attacks", did you take a look at my plugin reviews? Before accusing, you must inform, also, why are you comming here to annoy and blame? No one dissrespected you.
  15. lol your thread basically says it all. you want devs to fix their shit because your shit still doesn't prevent servers from crashing due to other bungee plugins. im not annoying or blaming just reading what you posted and replying
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  16. If you didn't understand my post from the first reading, take another read and try to understand it before replying, i'm just saying that for example, a Bans plugin cannot handle 1000 connections per second because there are Database connections in each join, its logic, thats why antibot plugin exists, but right now, antibot plugins are useless because the other plugins triggers with bots too.
  17. exactly what i said - your plugin is useless because of other plugins triggering. ???
  18. Thanks then for notifying me of so.
  19. Not just my plugin is useless, also other antibots, and its not 100% useless, bots get banned, but the networks gets so lagged and its not our issue.
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  20. you see, this is why i don't drink, coming up with blut idee's and saying stupid things.
    ah well, we have all been there

    (btw, gonna stop participating to reduce up commenting) + get a bigger banner
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