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  1. Hi,

    I didn't know where to put this: here or in development because I don't know anything about chat formatting.
    Until now I've been using Essentials and Vault because I knew they were making the chat look how I wanted it to, but I am now wondering what do I need to format it without having all the other features these plugins have? Do I have to code it myself? Sorry if anything I said seems absurd but as I said idk anything about this subject lol
  2. Hi you can use this is very configurable
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  3. You could use ChatEx too. I had same issue and used ChatEx. If you want, add me on Discord Slumzy#2002 and I can help you.

    I would also recommend using LuckPerms for permissions too. Their GUI editor is sooooo good!
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  4. Question for the devs: is it complicated to code a simple chat formatting plugin? (just add rank prefix to players)
  5. if you practice , it won't be complicated