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Which do you think is better?

  1. MyBB

  2. punBB

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  3. XenForo

  4. Enjin

  5. IPS

  1. I have been looking for a website host other than Enjin. I just hate that site because of all the ads and you have to pay for EVERYTHING.

    Thanks, techboy001
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  2. Try MyBB. :)
    It works great for me.
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  3. Thanks, but can you integrate a shop with it?
  4. Didn't you guys have a free plan?
  5. Yes.
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  6. MyBB is Very Vulnerable, i don't recommend it.
    Your Choice ;)
  7. Why is vulnerable ? Any details ?
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  8. Glad that I am using phpBB than :D
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  9. Buddy, nothing's ever "free"
    Even with MyBB, you're gonna need somewhere to host it
  10. Building on that, even self hosting isn't free, you still have power, internet and cost of a computer prices.
  11. You could get a VPS if you want full flexibility, and you can PM me for a nice vps hoster that I know about which are dirt cheap.

    Feel free to read about what a VPS is etc online
  12. My community uses IPS Community Suite 4, and it does everything we need and more, but it does kinda have a heavy price tag....
  13. mathhulk

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    To be quite honest, I don't see a need for that. If you had that kind of budget, I would suggest purchasing XenForo and a nice theme, along with some paid addons, like the resource manager or XenPorta.
  14. Personally I'd go with:

    - An OVH vps (about 5 bucks a month).
    - NamelessMc (free).
    - A theme (~15-20 dollars depending on the person you hire to create it, so price can vary).
  15. Thank you, NamelessMC is exactly what I was looking for!