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  1. So I was wondering if anyone can suggest any good forum sites.
    I need the admin panel to be easy enough for any of my staff who need to access, I need it to look modern and professional like XenForo
    I currently use Nameless and all of my staff and users are having bugs and finding lots of issues.
    I can’t pay a lot which is why I ruled out XenForo

  2. MyBB is a free alternative which supports a lot of plugins and themes. If you want to use xenforo there is actually one recommended way to get it by just purchasing it.
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  3. MyBB is broken it doesn’t allow my users to sign in and I can’t find a fix for it.
    Any other suggestions? I can’t pay for XenForo.
  4. How about PHPBB?
  5. Maybe ask your community to chip in to try and get the site off the ground with a legit version of XenForo, you only have to pay once, and you can run either 1.5.x or 2.0.x and save yourself some headaches down the road when you want to convert away from free forum software.

    You get what you pay for.
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  6. Tiger_Kai

    Tiger_Kai Previously ozm8

    Before Xenforo I used smf (simple machines forum) and really liked it at the time.
  7. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

  8. Not a fan of discourse, I prefer the more traditional approach that xenforo and mybb has. Speaking of mybb, have you asked for help on their forums?
  9. Why don't you report the bugs to them? What version of Nameless are you using?
  10. Would use it but it doesn't work with CPanel
  11. What about NamelessMC its a Minecraft Forum with many Plugins supported.
  12. :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  13. It's possible to run it on cPanel.

    Also, I'd recommend NamelessMC.
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  14. Why do people not read the main post.
  15. Strahan


    What do you think is more likely; that MyBB is broken software or that you didn't install it correctly? :)

    Works fine for me.
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  16. lmao im blind
    I spent a good minute looking for Nameless when posting the reply and didn't see it in OPs request.
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  17. lol rip
  18. Honestly, you don't have to be all the fancy starting out. You can move away to different free forum software and make a decent looking site with it. If you really want Xenforo for your server, then you as well as your community has the chance to chip in and make a difference.

    I would take a good look at the options that have already been brought up here. They're solid free options and I have had some experience with a number of them (no issues regarding installation or anything). But again, don't worry about being fancy. Just put in the effort regardless.
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  19. Forums software are a great way to build a community website around a theme, create a support tool around a product or service, or add an extension to your existing site.
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  20. Do not use SMF or NamelessMC (Limited and unsafe) if you want a free software I recommend phpBB and when you have the opportunity to buy xenforo license, do it!
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