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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by HoogleyBoogley, May 23, 2016.

  1. Hi, I am opening up a server soon and I would like o know what forum software I would like to use. I had looked at Wordpress, Vanilla Forums, and NamelessMC. What is the best?

    I saw XenForo, way to expensive! :eek:
  2. I personally can not afford XenForo either. I just use Enjin for Forums. Donations sites I like to use MinecraftMarket.
  3. I suggest to get @mathhulk to make you a MyBB site which is a completely free platform that allows you to customize everything!
    To show you an example, here is my site that he made:
  4. That is amazing. Do the forums accounts link to Minecraft accounts, like how Hypixel does their forums?

    Most importantly, how much did it cost?
  5. Sadly the accounts do not link, we manually add them but I know NamelessMC has a website and there is a plugin (that I found today ironically) called Nameless Register (or something) that links the accounts.
    Also mathhulk is my web developer ;)
  6. Yes, but how much did you pay?
  7. $0
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  8. Wow! Thank you so much! This helped a lot!
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  9. There is no "best" forum software :p. Its the way you utilize them that will get the attention of your players. A lot of people tend to like Xenforo because it's a premium, but if you find the right people you can get an equally nice looking forum with free softwares like phpBB or myBB.

    It's all about how you market your forum and get people using it.
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  10. I personally prefer Xenforo because of its large Minecraft userbase, its wide variety of high quality themes, the admin panel's ease of use and options, its addons, and its addon system (from a developer viewpoint). The amount of out-of-the-box ability Xenforo has far outdoes software such as MyBB.
    While a free forum software can be equally nice looking, it still has a completely different feel (and usability) than Xenforo.

    The only downsides to Xenforo are its price tag and its pm/conversation system (Seriously, its conversation system is so annoying). So I can wholly understand a lot of people cannot afford or just won't buy for other reasons.
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  11. And that I totally agree and I also prefer Xenforo, Xenforo is great in the many aspects of its "out-of-the-box" features as you stated. But as an alternative for individuals that can't afford Xenforo, myBB and other free softwares offer a solid platform in which they can custom extensively if they wish. May provide that motivation people might need to learn more about the back-end of PHP based softwares ;P.
  12. How about NamelessMC. It looks like XenForo.
  13. I don't know too much about Nameless but if you decide to use it then you're supporting a fellow Spigot user. That's up to you.
  14. I would love to get XenForo but the price tag is... :(
  15. Just get myBB with a good theme.
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  16. You could also get IP. board


    I personally use it it may look expensive though to check how it is

  17. Definitely phpBB which is free but the theme SUCKS so you need a premium theme like this: and then you can use the Minecraft plugin for starter by the same theme author: (its free)
  18. No...
    Paid. :D