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  1. Hello...recently i have been looking for a good forum system which allows you to embed your forum into your website, like MCPVP, or OC.TC. The only system which I found was phpbb, but this is very outdated and we ran into many strange CSS issues with it. Do you guys have any suggestions for a good forum system which can be customized/etc?

    Also i was do you guys get website stats up( if you do ).
    I have been looking around the interweb and I have found no good stats plugins which allow you to embed stats into your website..any suggestions besides coding my own?
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  2. They completely custom coded their forums using Perl, Ruby, and Bootstrap.

    There is no 'default' method.
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  3. In terms of backend, they did all of the coding themselves. However, the frontend was made with Bootstrap, a free, open source library of CSS, JS, and HTML that allows you to quickly create professional-grade websites.
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    I use Enjin's built-in forum software, it rivals quality of XenForo and IPBoard.
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    Just use PHP, SQL, and CSS.
  6. If you are using BungeeCord, you are in a good position. Sync all your players in a database and then use PhP to display them on them. (You can get which server players are on with Bungee. Then PhP makes it easy to get results.)

    As for more extensive things, it gets complicated. BootStrap is a great start. Stay away from Enjin. Worst mistake you can make.

    nhadobas and I use BootStrap,, (Still customizing the page. xD), it looks sexy, easy, is accurate, and simple. If you need any help, just ask me. :>
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  7. I love bootstrap, Lol to intergrate the easiet thing to do would be.... Ok Ok, I know I will get hate for this, but iframe's aren't THAT bad.
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    They are poop. Easier to do scripts.
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  9. The only thing I can't figure out is how to integrate forums, without iframe... Could be any software.
  10. You are really new to hosting, aren't you?
    Enjin makes a server look bad. Just saying.
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    Basically, you can tell just by the amount of downloads the plugin has how many people use it.

    There is probably a few servers that have integrate Enjin rather nicely with the amount of servers they have in the network.
  12. Is this a built in feature !? Or are you saying you could code a plugin to do this...
  13. Using a plugin. Isn't hard at all to make. xD
  14. I'm fine with the PHP, but the Java is not my forte - maybe a summer project.
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  15. No it is not, I have used it for over 6 months, it's honestly good for 10 player server, but otherwise it's just not as good as XF or IPb.
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  16. I was considering using Drupal with a Bootstrap theme, but I'm not sure yet... Any opinions about Drupal?
  17. Looks ok yet a little outdated, there is a cool wordpress theme that CraftThatBlock uses, you can see it on his site here:
  18. Would rather integrate forums in a selfmade website, but I'll use wordpress as a last resort.
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  19. You could use wordpress and bbpress
  20. Looks like bootstrap, is this a wordpress site? Does it have a wordpress forum system