Forwarding IP Does Not Work With Bukkit 1.8.7

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  1. Ok so currently I have a couple of Bukkit servers linked together with BungeeCord and I have recently updated from Bukkit 1.8.1 to Bukkit 1.8.7. Now the problem is, when I try to join, it takes much longer than usual and then after about 30 seconds, it says "Dissconnected". Iin console, each time after joining, it would say the player has connected and then 5 seconds later, it would say dissconnected with no other errors.

    I looked into this and found that the problem was caused by the 'Forward IP' option in the BungeeCord config.yml - It needs to be 'false' for the players to be able to join the game. This is a problem for me as the server needs to be whitelisted, so I need Bungee to send that information through, otherwise the whitelisted player can't join as the UUID's don't match.

    If anyone has the solution to this problem then it would be awesome if you could share it. Thank you to anyone hat can help me.
  2. @Unempl0yedNinja i don't understand the issue please explain the issue in more detail thanks!
  3. Well I have explained in about as much detail as I can. Have you event read it...? If I change IP Forwarding to true in the ByngeeCord config.yml, then players can't connect to the server basically. It
    just says "Logging In..." for about 30 seconds and then disconnects you.
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  4. I have the same problem
  5. JamesJ


    Plugin list?
    I found this problem on my server, and fixed it as it was due to the scoreboard.
  6. The problem it's Bukkit doesn't support Ip forwading from BungeeCord, only Spigot