Found a way to bypass EULA blacklist

Discussion in 'Drama' started by TheWarden, May 11, 2016.

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  1. I just noticed a way to access EULA blacklisted servers, I was using a hacked client called Wolfram for 1.8 and noticed I was able to access all Mojang blacklisted servers. I don't know why this is working for some reason, I think its good to get the word out here. Thanks.

    Edit: Installing Optifine also appears to circumvent the eula blacklist.

    Update: Forge has started to include Mojang's addition to Netty. (May 12th)
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  2. ssamjh


    *everyone switches to hack clients to play on their favorite servers*

    Edit: It's probably because the json file for the hack client doesn't use mojangs netty
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  3. If the session servers go offline, you can also.
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  4. It works because it's a modded client. Using Forge works as well. But most of the playerbase does not have any mod or hacks, nor will they install mods or hacks. It's not much of a solution, at most it lets you keep <50% of your players right now. Even less once Minecraft updates.
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  5. Funny, I still have about 70% of my peak time players.
  6. It's a generic statement, obviously there are exceptions.
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  7. Of course!
  8. MiniDigger


    you will not be able to grow tho and thus solwly die.
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  9. That's fine, I've made well enough to start another business. I refuse to let some 75k a year weasel behind a desk tell me what to do via e-mail, with no communication.
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  10. only way to truly bypass this without losing playerbase is to make a modpack upload it to third-party launcher and wait get playerbase and there easy bypass
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  11. My developer co-ordinator suggested this, but I'm not sure how a PVP based community would react to an entire modpack.
  12. MiniDigger


    if you require a modpack your playerbase will be much lower.
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  13. just need to understand forge and mods how they work then yea you can make a pvp type modpack
    wrong you will not be getting low playerbase the greater the modpack is the greater the playerbase is i assume that you never ran a modpack server
  14. MiniDigger


    fact is, that a mod pack puts a high barrier of entry to your server. To join a spigot server you just need a ip (and for some servers a ressourcepack). for forge you need a custom launcher with a mod pack.
    I am not saying that modded servers can't have big players bases. but its harder to reach.
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  15. The blacklist was made effective as of version 1.9.3/1.9.4. If you are still running 1.9.2 or earlier, you are unaffected.
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  16. hmm yea i understand that it is hard if these kids don't know how to run a simple launcher then yea i understand what your coming from but what better to have the kids who understand running launcher and the base's and most likely you get mature community :D
  17. MiniDigger


    wrong. everyone from version 1.7 to version the latest who is using the default launcher is affected. go check it for yourself.
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  18. No need for a full blown modpack, just a simple installer similar to optifine could handle this. Something people are a bit more comfortable with. :)
  19. That 75k a year weasel that is employed by the company you are profiting off, and they are continuing to allow you to do so (with restrictions). Also, e-mail is a form of communication.
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  20. If you're handing out informational packets, I'd be glad to take one.
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