Found a way to bypass EULA blacklist

Discussion in 'Drama' started by TheWarden, May 11, 2016.

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  1. "You may not distribute any Modded Versions of our Game or software, and we’d appreciate it if you didn’t use Mods for griefing."
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    So, exactly what I said? "we'd appreciate" isn't really a legally binding term, you realize.
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  3. You do realise there are data-centers in Moldova, Serbia, Poland, Russia, Canada, Belarus, Ukraine, China; add about 50 more countries, which ignore all copyright laws?
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    It was never a copyright issue.
  5. Selling hacked clients is.
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  6. Still, what is Mojang going to do about hacked clients not following the EULA, it's not like they can blacklist them this time.
  7. They probably can with file md5's.They can compare the md5 of the jar file to the one on their website or something, but that would break modding.
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  8. I find it funny how @Saito has earnt a million dollars from his server and he runs off on Spigot BUT does not donate even a single cent to spigot. See how he is greedy and ignorant?
    It will be almost impossible to bypass the blacklist without losing your playerbase.
    GotPVP > 500 Average to 88
    Well I also find it funny how he said he wouldn't comply and is now complying ;)

    Good luck to all those who want to beat up mojang lol.
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  9. Hex

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    If someone doesn't want to donate to Spigot, that's their prerogative.
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  10. I say good job to Saito, he made 1 million dollars. I feel like this new EULA blacklist thing was based off of Saito making a fortune and now Mojang is punishing us all.
  11. It was was 1k peak and now it's aboit 100.

    Anyways, I'm sure he has quit assuming without proof.
  12. Gotpvp sucked anyway, it was just another boring money greedy server.
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  13. I wouldn't say that, they did manage to get tons of players to buy ranks. It's not like gotpvp forced players to buy ranks. I say good job to its owners they were able to convice players to buy ranks and spend money.
  14. ... by having people overpower little kids, making said kids rage, making them steal their parent's credit card(s) to buy the ranks.

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  15. If the kids don't like the server, they don't have to play. As for the credit card problem, that's up to parents to solve that, the EULA won't solve that either. The EULA will just make getting a perk really unattractive. How many players are going to spend money on a colored name tag on a survival server?

    I'm sure the credit card problem happens in other games too
  16. all true

    but remember
    they're kids
    they don't know self-control
  17. That doesn't mean GotPVP is bad. It also doesn't mean the EULA is good. If GotPVP is bad because they are selling to kids, then you could call any retailer that sells to kids dirty money stealers.
    GotPVP is selling a product and kids are buying it
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  18. In my opinion this really isn't a decent way around the blacklist. As a server owner I would rather deal with no players than 100 players with hacked clients.

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  19. I know that but you'd think when someone has earnt 1 million should atleast donate $10 to spigot.

    lol funny how badly people reacted to this comment.

    If you're going to try and evade the EULA atleast suggest something better than hacked clients.
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  20. For your first point, how do you know he hasn't anonymously donated? He doesn't HAVE to donate, I don't see a rule anywhere. I don't see you donating either.
    Also, chargebacking on something you bought is a really mean thing to do. I would ban you the second you chargebacked, and you're lucky you just got a rant. You purchased an item, and it's unfair to chargeback. Having a chargeback is a gigantic headache for anybody and doing a chargeback on something you bought legitimately is just being a jerk on your part, EULA or not
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