Found a way to bypass EULA blacklist

Discussion in 'Drama' started by TheWarden, May 11, 2016.

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  1. Mojang are not idiots...

    Just comply with the EULA it not so hard. If you don't want to, just don't. Mojang might go farther then just blacklist your server...
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  2. Nah
  3. Don't call me when you get sued and lose every penny you earned form your server. xD
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  4. Save players? for what?
    To buy global boosters and other cosmetics shits on hypixel?

    I speak for player view now:
    ( i have already donate in past especially in other games)
    Well i want a small avantage for that or i dont have reason to donate for nothing.
    Yes i can buy cosmetic item too no problem with that, if the rank cost 47$ i will give 3$ more for cosmetic.
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  5. I can see everything the same in the day as I would during night, nothing is hidden because it's night.
  6. MiniDigger


    that not how donating works. You donate because you want to help the server, not because you want an advantage. That would be buying stuff.
    The stuff you get for donating should be only small extras.
    Look how spigot handles donations: I donated, because I want to support the work the team has put in since this project started. I didn't donate to get advantages like access to the donator forums or the badges. These are the cool extras I got.
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  7. Only about $1.4m
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  8. Look around all server owners break their mind to find what they can sell to get some money to keep servers up.
    Exactly like this work on games.
  9. No one is getting sued
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  10. This is incorrect.

    See my email to Brandon:

    Mojang Enforcement to you


    1. Would selling island resets (3 at a time) for Skyblock be considered breaking the EULA if it is possible for normal users to obtain them?

    If non-paying players can do the same it should be fine.

    2. Similarly, would selling different island schematics and designs for Skyblock be considered breaking the EULA? Along with the ability to change the island biome.

    If the islands are essentially made by rearranging the same blocks that non-paying players have, and it does not give the paying player an advantage, this would be okay.

    3. Regarding the blacklist: a user claims that once you have gone on the blacklist, it is extremely hard, bordering impossible to get off it (see post #1565 Collective Response to Mojang Blacklists). Is this true?

    If the owner of a blocked server let us know that they have made sufficient changes to comply with our guidelines we will certainly look into removing the block.

    4. Would selling extra homes (via /home) be considered an advantage?

    5. Are the following allowed?
    • /craft - a mobile crafting table - we provide these at spawn for everyone anyway, and takes about 10 seconds of gameplay to make.

    • /enderchest - a mobile enderchest - these are provided at spawn and at every warp for public use anyway.

    • /tptoggle - the ability to stop people requesting teleports to you.

    • /clearinventory - the ability to clear your inventory.

    • /hat - the ability to wear a hat.
    Yes, as long as it doesn’t offer any protection.

    • Additional homes (personal areas you can teleport to via /home (home_name). These will be attainable by normal players as well, via playtime.

    • The ability to make disposal signs (signs which take your items and do not give them back, hence disposal).

    • /compass - the ability to see what direction you are looking at.

    • /book - the ability to edit a book once you have signed it.

    • /ptime - the ability to change the time (specific to you - this does not affect other players or the world).
    Best regards,
    Brandon Andersson
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  11. damn all of these donation store are going to be the same with little particles effects xD
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  12. I keep getting Dee Dawwsed by Brandon Skiddersson
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  13. I am pretty sure that they only blocked servers from the Official Client (No mods etc.)
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  14. Any thread that has the blacklist OR EULA will pull in the topic that wasn't included
  15. Well i found out most of my votes comes from the EULA post anyways, but seem like we are getting to far from the topic
  16. So then, back to the lecture at hand, perfection is perfected, so I'ma let 'em understand.
  17. That video hilarious
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  18. You got my medal, good promotion about the iPhone
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