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Create multiple realistic fountains

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    Fountains - Create multiple realistic fountains

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  2. No lag, uh? It doesn't look like you've work hard on the code atall, like no work was done, like it was a copy and paste from something.

    Proof of you stealing code / not knowing what you're doing:
    http://ghosted.me/WRpb4S - only one class, okay?
    http://ghosted.me/XLOvid - there is no need for that
    http://ghosted.me/2VY7Ld - really useful
    http://ghosted.me/O7Zfrv - http://solvedstack.com/questions/random-number-between-2-double-numbers

    I'd suggest you learn how to read the official JavaDocs and how to write a thread that describes your plugin. When I saw this thread, I didn't know you was spawning moving water, it might have been a statue.
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  3. Ok, thank you for the criticism, improvements are being made.
  4. Oh, so you didn't copy from the final answer? http://ghosted.me/Qfldwt
  5. It's so insignificant, it hardly even affects the functionality of the code.
  6. No, it affects you and this community. We(from what I've seen most people here don't like stolen code) don't want your copied and pasted work, and I don't want to hear excuses since there isn't anything that can justify it. I'd suggest you stop getting hurt over nothing, stop lying to yourself, and then start learning how to code. However, don't lose your humor, since you gave me a good laugh when you thought you was trying to teach me how to code. You claim this is no lag, however there aren't any signs of any async threading code in your plugin. You ask people to not steal your code in your ToS and yet you've practically copied and pasted the whole of the code for the plugin; the irony burns.
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  7. Doesn't work, Running 1.8.7
  8. I agree with GGhost. That is not a good thing to do.
  9. Add pictures please
  10. Hey,

    I have a rather interesting problem with this version. The fountains disappear at 25 blocks or closer.

    Code (Text):
    Might have something to do with this

    if (player.getLocation().distance(origin) > 25.0D) {
                    playerNearby = true;

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  11. Looks good but where are the variables listed for size and types?
  12. I had to peek in the code.

    /fountains add <size> <type>
    <size> can be small, medium or large.
    <type> is random or spray.

    You can make changes /fountains set size <id> <size>

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