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  1. 284..? Wow!
  2. I think we should thank you for not quitting. What would we do without you?
  3. Happy Birthday, let's go for 5 years now :)
  4. TY for all =)
  5. Thank you Spigot for all that you have done. Your work doesn't go unappreciated.
  6. #LongLiveSpigot forever!
  7. #LongLiveSpigot

    I'm member 8181. Not sure how that ended up happening.
  8. It's strange to think that I started using Spigot 3 years ago and registered on this site 3 years makes no sense how quickly time passes. Thank you to all the SpigotMC developers who continue to support the growth and development of hundreds of servers each and every day! Your work does not go unnoticed.
  9. Long Live Spigot! :)
  10. Sur tout un grand merci a vôtres équipe .
  11. It does not seem like it's been this long! Spigot has such a wonderful community. :)
  12. I'm proud to be member N° 13
  13. Didn't thought that spigot community will grow so much over years and the project will replace even Bukkit. Great job indeed!
  14. Many people said, bucket is dead, no-one will replace bucket, Minecraft servers are dead... Great job, lets keep growing!
  15. TowelieDOH


    Thank you our lord and savior @md_5
    You saved our server and probably many others by the evil lord DMCA.

    PS: I've used spigot since the beginning and my dev team (notably @FearThe1337 ) has contributed a couple of times to fixing some nasty bugs and submitting the fixes to Spigot. I've also donated when it was possible, sadly the EULA has pretty much made us barely able to pay our bills any more.

    Papa bless!
  16. thank you for keep Minecraft Server community

    I thought it's all dead after the DMCA, but you had the smart alternative way to save it

    live long Spigot!

    or long live xD
  17. Listen guys, I have joined Dec 24, 2015 i haven't contributed mutch but i have gaind mutch! So it was my best Christmas present. Thanks for the grat DEV and a strong Community!

    Glad to be her and to have 1 year anniversary christmas day... in Danmark...i know its on 25 in us and other countries.

    Have a blast!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.