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  1. Thank you for maintaining all Minecraft servers that use your software and thanks for keeping all the owners that do use your software up to date with the lasted version of Minecraft, I have been here from the beginning and you are doing a really good job :) So THANKS !! and i do not just say this i say this for all server owners out there that use your software.
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  2. Congrats all! Happy to be part of this family
  3. Long live spigot!
  4. Well done to everyone!
  5. jflory7

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    A merry, long life to Spigot. :)
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  6. Long live spigot. Was happy to see Spigot continue where Bucket left off 2 years ago.
  7. When I joined Spigot one year ago, I wasn't thinking how much this website will change my life!
    I would like to thank all the staff for their work. :)

    Long Live Spigot!*
  8. 4 years later... I was just checking in and wow it's been a long time!
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  9. Long live the king! The king of minecraft plugins! LONG LIVE SPIGOT MC!
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  10. It has been one heck of a ride! Keep it up!
  11. Long live spigot! :D
  12. I love Spigot Thanks for 4 years
  13. I am so glad to be a part of this community and see it grows like this way so much faster with all days! <3
    Thanks staff/enginners! <3
  14. Time for a forum retheme? Let's see that spigot metro! Congratz everyone!
  15. Already 4 years that Minecraft servers are better thanks to Spigot.
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  16. I just can't believe it's been four years...
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  17. Spigot is amazing, it's changed my life on a business level because of Minecraft. Thanks!
  18. I'm late to the party, but @md_5 congrats of surpassing this milestone.

    Good job
  19. Truly amazing that spigot has been running for 4 years!!! Let's keep it going another 4
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