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    Has anyone tested the "average" fps of a map system... like I was curious before even attempting a plugin if it was possible to do GIFs at relative normal speed?

    Additionally.. I have a neat little api I have for java (used in a android app) which can take a video feed for static images...

    Maybe you know, @ChaoZ ?
  2. Test it? You're probably bound by Minecraft's 20 TPS, but I'm not sure if that's manageable.
  3. WAS


    Hmm. Seems like it's pretty slow and not suited for what I had planned. No wonder it doesn't exist.
  4. NathanWolf


    I'd say about 5FPS. If you want you can jump on my dev server and see for yourself, there are some GIF maps a short ways down the hallway :)

  5. The code I linked to can do quite high FPS
  6. WAS


    Hmm, I'll have to check it out.
  7. NathanWolf


    Oh, yeah- that is a much better approach. If that's the plugin I'm thinking of it swaps out maps in item frames instead of re-rendering them. You could probably get up to 20 FPS with that, though I'm guessing it doesn't work with maps held in your hand?
  8. WAS


    Hmm. It also wouldn't work for one of the primary reasons I want to use it, which is a stream:

    Update: as a side thought that code linked could poasibly be used in conjunction with some buffered frame tricks to create a in-server emulator for NES (wouldn't push it for any other consolws beyond that though). Seems possible in theory. Have some custo records and meta data for a custom record player as NES system and cartridges. Oohh...

    PS it may be obvious I just found my old NES
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