Spigot Fractal Trees | Tree Generator 1.3.1

Fully customizable tree generator

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    Fractal Trees | Tree Generator - Fully random custom tree generator

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  2. The plugin also works with other blocks besides wood and leaves. Also, would it be possible to change the tab autocomplete to lowercase?[​IMG]
  3. The plugin should work with any placeable block. I'll also try to make lower case materials work in the next update.
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  4. Would you consider adding an option for trunk/stem thickness? Larger trees look thin and akward.
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  5. I this plugin compattable with plotsquared?
  6. Currently no other plugins are implemented.
  7. the branch thickness works well c:
    is there a way to mix different blocks in based on percent? or if that could be a feature?

  8. I'll try add it in the next update
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  9. Some suggestions:
    Support for worldedit structure file
    Each tree can be planted by special springs.
    Support for 1.12.
    Your plugin is great!
  10. Thanks for the support! I'm afraid 1.12 support won't be available with the current way how the plugin works.
  11. can you add the ability put a delay (in ticks and/or a percentage in which the delay should work for every placd block, [for ex: if the delay chance is 50%, the speificed duration will pause for that given time])?