Spigot FrameBarrels BETA 1.5

An epic way to store huge amount of items in one block!

  1. It didn't work when I try.
  2. what is your error message when you tryed it ?
    As its working fine for me except for the error i get that i just posted.
  3. I didn't test it with 1.9 and it is coded with 1.8 API. It may and may not work. I am not sure if the error is because of using 1.9, but it is possible.
  4. The error is coming from jdbc4 connection you make in the plugin to the database.
    if the connection is doing to long nothing then it will disconnect to the database.(database setup)
    in the try catch you using (if you use it) just reconnect to the database instead of throwing the error.
  5. I will take a look at database connection code tomorrow (I don't have time today). I wrote it few months ago, so I don't rember it very well. Also, is trying to reconnect good for anything? I mean you are right it should not throw an error when it fails to connect (only maybe some message from plugin in console), but when it fails to connect at first time, there is something wrong and it will most likely not connect anyways. I don't know much about MySQL and jdbc, so sorry, if I am wrong and feel free to correct me. :)
  6. In my case the first time it connects ok and the next day the error shows and the jdbc is auto reconnecting fine.
    So need to find a way if it trully is not able to connect and then throw the error
  7. I am not sure how I am going to handle the reconnecting. Should I let it reconnect every few seconds until it gets connectied or only try like 3 times at the beginning?
  8. I think try and avoid a infinity loop.
    So i think check if you have connection before you execute your sql command if not just try and reconnect and if that fails throw the error.
    I think jdbc has a function for this to check if you are connected or not.
  9. I don't know about that function, but I will try to find out if it exists.
  10. Roro updated FrameBarrels with a new update entry:

    BETA 1.5 - Language update!

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  11. Hi, I'm having trouble setting up the MySQL database for this. I have tested the ports and the jobs database running on the same MySQL server is working with the same credentials. If you could help me that would be great.

    # FrameBarrels config file!
    # MySQL database - here put data needed to connect to your database
    host: localhost
    # Default port is 3306
    port: 3306
    # Name of the databse
    database: barrels
    # Username and password to give plugin access to your database
    user: bukkit
    password: ''

    #Don't enable this unless you know, what you are doing. If you don't know, please ignore part of the config below this line.
    #Enables advanced MySQL
    advanced_mysql: false
    database: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database
    #Please specify user and password for the databse in upper part of the config!
  12. I have actually not tested it without password, so problem can be there too, but two ' seem that they could work. If I will have time, I will try it without password.
  13. Would this possibly be compatible with towny?
  14. The plugin isn't made for towny, it can be used with it, but will not interact with towny in any way. I could possibly make it compatible, if towny has an API, although I don't think many people would use it.
  15. Is this plugin still in development? I just stumbled upon it and it's exactly what I'm looking for. Would love to see this expanded upon and compatible with 1.11.
  16. Well, I may start developing it again, but I found some problems while making a new update. I haven't tried it with 1.11, but it will quite likely work.
  17. Hello i have same problem as Cloman, it disconnect plugin from database, how can i connect it again ?
  18. I'm sorry for the inactivity, but I kinda lost interest in development after hitting some problems I wasn't able to solve and starting to work on other projects. Parts of the plugin would need a rewrite for me to continue development, but I see that the amount of downloads is quite high, which I am very thankful for. I currently see a possibility to continue the development in the near future, if anyone is still interested or has questions, please reply.
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