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  1. What do I do with reports like 'my data was lost' or reports that data seemed to partially erase or things like that? I can't reproduce the issues, and the server I run my plugins on with a constant number of maybe 30 people doesn't experience the same issue
  2. Is it a plugin that you made? If not, there could be a lot of potential reasons. I would say first search in your logs from say a week ago till present to see if the plugin has given any errors.
  3. Don't know that I've ever seen "my data was lost" as a spigot error, obviously you're going to have to be more specific. Is this a console error? In a crash dump?

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  4. My plugin

    Well it's mostly all kinds of varieties. The database thing is the most common, and it appears as an error (some fail to load/corrupt somehow), or crashes, or simply data disappearing while the rest of the plugin continues working
  5. Mas


    Tell them to check for any errors when running your plugin and ask them for all the plugins they are using so you can see anything else with might be causing unintended side-effects.
  6. Because it's not a spigot error. He's obviously talking about memory/data leak.

    To fix this, you would have to rewrite/redo how your plugin handles the data. Your current way might be inefficient, and any experienced developer here would be able to make an assumption from your code whether or not it's gonna cause data leaks.
  7. If people report issues you cannot replicate, then you must ask for additional information for replicating. Server version, operating system, amount of ram, amount of players, any error logs, etc etc. As much info as needed that may lead to a solution.

    Also, what may be a good idea: Give players with unreplicatable issues a debug version of your plugin, that outputs a crap ton of info so you can take a good look at it
  8. I even have their entire server file with worlds and plugins. I still can't replicate the issue. I mean, the only info I have is stuff like "this happened suddenly"