Free Builds! Omega Build Team Release

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  1. [​IMG]
    For the release of Omega Builds, we are giving away and making free builds!
    To get a build in the comments put:
    Type Of Build: {type of build}
    Theme: {a theme you want}
    Extra Notes: {any extra notes}

    Because these are free the builds wont be great, if you want a great one order one from our webiste! :)
  2. Normal favtion/hcf spawn
    Any theme you want
  3. Nice of you guys to do this :)
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  4. Meh, it's free

    Type Of Build: Hub
    Theme: Trees and clay if possible
    Extra Notes: Can I have just 1 portal saying "games" at the top please? Also some places for villagers to stand
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  6. Are you that desperate to get something built? I mean sure it's free, but just look at the quality of the builds.

    No offence @OmegaBuildTeam. But how are you expecting to get any real buyers with those kind of builds?
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  7. Not really, I have a hub by my own build team but I would have other uses for another one
  8. That's litterally the smallest spawn I've ever seen for a factions server. No offence, but almost anyone would be able to make something like this. I like how you do builds for free, but you shouldn't offer paid builds untill you have accomplished something big, and made a professional build ...

    Good luck though,