Free BungeeCord Proxy Server?? (Anyone?)

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by FazzyFabrak14, Feb 25, 2017.

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  1. Hey Guys! I was Wondering i any Hosting Companies Provided Free BungeeCord Proxy server! I have Tried many Hosts But Non of them Give it for free! Is There any Free Hosts Out there which i Dont Know? Also I have tried Shockbyte , BasicHost and But they arnt free. only gives Free servers But it Does Not allow Custom Jar Files Without the Premium Plan! So please Give me Some Free hosts which Give Bungeecord Proxys!
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  2. I dont think there are any free alternatives. If you are making a network you should not use free hosting as they often limit max players, have low amounts of ram, advertisements and often no FTP Access
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  3. It isn't free, but there are hosts like that sell 128 mb servers for just 0.41 euro monthly!

    I guess there isn't a full-free host.
  4. Spoch I dont want a Mc Server i want a Bungeecord Proxy Only!
  5. I never said you wanted a Minecraft server ;P
  6. What do you mean FazzyFabrak14?
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  7. How many servers are you linking?
  8. Legoman99573


    Free + 9% sales tax + Setup Fee + Domain name = Yeah, it's not free and any host won't do for free as it costs them money for you to do something stupid to their servers. Just get a job or visit @LaxWasHere sites that offer good deals <3.

    TL;DR, Your post OP is demanding. No one will help someone demanding a service.
  9. I do know a place that offers free 512MB Severs; they're just out of stock :(
  10. What place?
  11. A hosting site; but seeing as I am related to the company, I don't want to be accused of posting for self-gain.
  12. Hey, provide a free bungeecord proxy with any premium plan. $1.20/gb
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