Free CPU, RAM, low I/O, but low tps?

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  1. I'm running a server with ~100 online. The stats I get tell me I should be getting very high TPS (near 20) since there's a lot of free CPU, RAM, and I'm running from a ramdisk, with no disk/paging access.

    Here's the /lag


    And here's some stats


    I have very few plugins, and timings show they aren't disturbing at all.

    TL;DR: Why do I get non-optimal TPS if i have free CPU, RAM and no I/O bottleneck

    I'm running build 477 btw (485 gets me lower tps because of the map update bug (fixed in 570))
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  2. SuperSpyTX


    Can I see those timings as well?
  3. SuperSpyTX


    When it drops again, do the following in console or ingame (assuming on the latest build):
    /timings reset

    Wait 30-45 seconds then type /timings merged.

    Paste results.
  4. Use /nolagg examine. Timings doesn't show everything.
  5. md_5

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    Pretty sure our timings show more than NoLagg.
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  6. For me it didn't show everything, there was a task that caused the low tps and I could only see that it with nolagg. But always try more things, you never know.
  7. I got the same problem. My server with about 100 Users has low tps.
    I think that the world-entityTick -Task is guilty. (
    Because every time i run the timings command world-entityTick is at the top and has a Pct Total about 10%
    via the lag command i know that on world 4484Chunks are loaded and 2561 entities are alive.

    Spigot Version 538
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  8. That entityTick murders my server as well.
  9. SuperSpyTX


    Make sure you try and use the latest version of Spigot each time you see that.

    There has been features added since 538.
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  10. The problem with nightly builds is the stability, and nobody likes the server crashing, and user count dropping from 100 to 40
  11. PhanaticD


    try updating all your plugins and running build 584 (or latest dev build), I did it last night and im getting good performance, NoCheatPlus is a big factor I believe
  12. Another question, is there something I should set so that minecraft uses all my cores? Or it does this by default.
  13. PhanaticD


    its uses whatever it can by itself
  14. Thanks! 93 Users and 19,7 ticks summed by 30 Seconds (I <3 Commandbook ^^)
  15. Um... not sure why it was never pointed out to you, but I'm pretty sure your problem has to do with the fact that your disk is 100% full, and your OS is trying to figure out what to do with things...
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  16. Your root filesystem is full (/, see df). That may be it.