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  1. /cr give to. It is clearly documented under the website. It is also available using command tabbing.

  2. OK my bad I probably should have tried that. However before it was a command that was givekey and the new one "give to" is documented as giving crates..
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  3. Which hologram plugin are people using with 1.14.1 to see the holograms above the crate
  4. how can i add mob spawners to the crates
  5. - 'unique:(), always:(), cmd:(heal {player}), display:(gold_block 1 name:&fHeal! lore:&r&eOpen_for_an_instant_heal! glow:true)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(2.5), cmd:(give {player} diamond 200), broadcast:(&4Wow!!! &e{player} have got 200 diamond!!!)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(5), cmd:(give {player} diamond 128)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(10), cmd:(give {player} diamond 96)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(20), cmd:(give {player} diamond 64)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(25), cmd:(give {player} diamond 32)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(30), cmd:(give {player} diamond 16)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(35), cmd:(give {player} diamond 8)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(40), cmd:(give {player} diamond 4)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(45), cmd:(give {player} diamond 2)'
    - 'unique:(), chance:(50), cmd:(give {player} diamond 1)'

    duplicate reward show error. please help?
  6. Is there a way to remove the noteblock sound when a regular key crate is opened? I removed the effects and sounds from the crate.yml and checked the config but didn't see anything about another sound source. It can be heard even with a sound set on and without.
  7. may i ask a question...

    how do i work at these with enchantments.... thanks <3 <3
    BTW it very awesome plugin i just forgot how to config again... lel

    - 'unique:(), chance:(50), item:(iron_sword 1 name:&aComeback_Sword display:(iron_sword 1 sharpness:1 knockback:1)'
  8. With a regular shulker open, Hovering over an item and pressing a Number key (to represent your hotbar) crates returns the error core.invalid_action_shulker = {p} "&cError: You may not perform this action with shulker boxes." and stopping you from moving the item into your inventory.
    With a Crate Shulker doing the same thing does not return this error.
    Its possible the if-then is backwards.
    Could you take a look at this?
  9. Affixes



    Is there a way you can implement a function so that players are no longer having to wait when they exit out of the animation? Right now if I switch the toggle in the config it still has them wait ~5 seconds for the crate to finish deciding the reward.
  10. Is the latest version backwards compatible with 1.13.2?
  11. How does one put a llama spawn egg into the crates?

    I've tried with:

    Code (YAML):
    - 'unique:(),     chance:(40),          item:(383:103 2), display:(383:103 2 name:&62_Llama_Eggs lore:|&7Chance:_&eExtra_Ordinary)'
    But it displays a white egg (default no-mob one).

    Server: 1.12.2
  12. The following does not work - chance:(5.0), item:(TURTLE_HELMET 1 respiration:3)
    I get an error that says the enchantment is invalid. If I remove the enchantment level it works. yet 3 is a valid level I also tried 1 and that does not work. also aqua_affinity does not work either on the turtle helmet.
  13. Hello, what's difference between normal and premium version ?
  14. - chance:(1.0), item:(fishing_rod 1 lure:1 luck_of_the_sea:1)
    THe above does not work.
    Can you do an update to allow for enchanted items?
  15. How to add keys to my essential kits :(
  16. Can you add particles effects for 1.8 please it doens't work anymore :(

    I run a faction server in 1.8 and the particles looks amazing is there a way you can make them work again in 1.8 since upgrading doesn't work out perfectly for pvp

    I hope you are able to do it
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  17. Hi, when will the plugin update to version 1.14.3?
  18. Yo, I finally finished making crates on my server. and when i restarted the server, the plugin stopped working, I would type /crate /cr nothing worked... I tried checking consoles for errors nothing shows, I looked at my server plugins and it's there. I do /plugins and it's green. I have no clue what's going on, if anyone knows anything that can help me, please let me know, because i was just about to release my server and then this error pops up.