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  1. Oh.. That is Awesome!!! I'm actually taking French as a another language.

    Currently you would have to use "|" instead of commas inside commands.
    | isn't a L but the character above the enter sign. :D
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  2. For me it's above the Tab on my keyboard, I am french canadian ;)

    I try to speak and talk english lot more to get a good job later :p I simply do my best ahaha

    Nice plugin ;) I love it :)

    If we can change the lore and item name color, it can be amazing, but I think it's impossible :(
  3. @maxlehot1234
    Consider leaving a rating :D

    Code (Text):
            item: diamond
            name: '%red%Crate #02'
                - '%white%[Rare]'
    You can use %color% or %1 to change the color.
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  4. Hi, Is it possible to create Virtualkey? Because I have a Prison server, and add keycrate rewards when mining X number of blocs, but if the inventory was full, wahts happen tot he key?
    So if the key can be virtual and player can claim them using: /cr key claim
    for example, it can be useful on few servers. It is my point
  5. We have MenuCrates but I suspect that isn't what you want. Definitely will put out a update allowing you to claim keys, I just haven't gotten to it yet. Features over fixes.
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  6. Nice and it is not what I want ;)

    I want an option for players to check which rewards with chance can get depends of the ky they have


    A gui that display all key and lore give the rewards witht he chance associated with it.

    Any option to change something in the message file?
    When a player receive a key when he vote for example, he see: You received a key. Is it possible to includ a variable to give tke key name to the player? Something like this:

    You received the Vote key. (Vote was the key name)
    You received the SuperMiner key (SuperMiner was the key name)

    Sorry for my bad english
  7. @maxlehot1234
    For now, I am going to leave it the way it is. Quite a busy day, adding in effects/other matters in life. Just going to take a days break. z_z
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  8. how to get big effect
  9. Hi @dinosaurs today i wanted to try this plugin on my server and i noticed that if I install it on my spigot hack for 1.8 & 1.7 it crashes all my plugins.

  10. Ok but, when you have the time, you can add the key name with the message? It can be very useful ;)
  11. Hi everyone, bonjour tout le monde,

    Désolé du double-post, sorry for the double-post...

    Voici la traduction en Français du fichier de langue.

    Si vous le voulez, c'est pour vous :)

    The dev of thit splugin can post it on the plugin description if he want, but If few Server Owners want to try it to check if all was good :p

    Sorry for my bad english, I'm French.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback, I will be answering all the questions in a single post in chronological order, so be prepared for a large post.
    Thanks BlakeTheAdmin, :D. Let me know how the plugin is working for ya.
    I revised the config, effects are added via the following...
    onOpenEffects: 'firework'
    dormantEffects: 'mobspawner_flames'
    I have tested the plugin using Spigot #20141113a. If you are using this version, can you provide more information as to what plugins you are using?
    Yep, Definately.
    Very nice! Will definitely give this a check out.
    Can I add this to CrateReloaded's library?
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  13. Very attractive, and nicely written! ;)
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  14. Tried, tested and working in 1.8
    Just need the vault to work...
  15. I have an idea for this plugin :)

    To see crates rewards, player can simply left click on a chest for example to see the crates rewards with chance informations
    To use a key on a crate, player can simply do a righ clic on this chest to get random rewards

    All rewards informations are shwon in a GUI and each rewards can have a CUSTOM in the gui ;)
    If you can this, it can be SO AMAZING :)

    I really want this ;) Like a lot of more people I think :)

    Have a nice day everyone
  16. I ask that but he don t want to add that
    a that will bi supper
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  17. Why He doesnt want to add this?
    It can makes this plugin more unique.

    Please look if you can and I know you can add it ;)
    Or create an add-ons for this

    Thank you in advanced