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  1. I am a plugin developer and would like to make a unique minigame, but I don't have any good ideas. If anybody reading this has an idea for a unique minigame, please PM me. If I like it, I'll make the minigame and when finished you will get it FREE. I will probably also post it on Spigot.
    Thank you!
  2. How about a Christmas minigame where you have to pack presents from the cupboard (a GUI) into the sack (chest)? How it would work is a command would come up on the screen for example: Pack: 1 Bouncy Ball, 2 Poster and the player would grab the items from the cupboard and put it into the sack. You get a point for each correct item and lose a point for each incorrect item. Each time a sack is filled (I would say three slots for three presents) the sack would reset and a new command would come up. This game could be called Present Packers or Sack Stuffers. You could have presents such as:
    • Bouncy Ball (Slime)
    • Poster (Painting)
    • Diary (Book and Quill)
    • Blanket (Carpet)
    • Toy Sword (Sword)
    I don't need you to credit me as I want you to have this game as your own.
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  3. Thank you for responding. I think I won't make this because I can't make good texture packs and people would only play it during Christmas time. But in 2 months it could be very cool :).
    For anybody else with an idea please PM it to me so nobody can steal it.
  4. why dont you make something like arcade where games are changing after each round?
  5. Because I don't really think it's unique. I would like to make a minigame like SkyWars, SurvivalGames, EggWars, SkyGiants, ....
  6. Those minigames aren't necessarily unique :p
  7. I am looking for a new idea for a minigame. Arcade isn't new.
    Preferably a pvp game like skywars, sg, skygiants, .... but it isn't necessary.
  8. but those aren't new aswell. Just take an exisiting idea and make it better. ;)
  9. Clash Royale in MC! New, Unique, very fun!
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  10. Thank you. I will PM you with updates on the plugin.
  11. Pm me too about the updates
  12. Even though I'll probably make Clash Royale in MC, I still accept other ideas.
  13. MBA! A basketball minigame where there are 5 gamestates(Lobby, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). In lobby, it automatically selects team from the actual NBA like the Golden State Warriors. Then it can track your points, etc. Foul system, 3 pointers, layups, and more. Basically like the NBA.
  14. Thank you for the reply! I'm considering it and will PM you with updates.
  15. Worms WMD? Ultimate Chicken Horse? :)
  16. That's all ready out. Seth along made it even with scoring
  17. Thanks for telling me.
  18. No problem
  19. And who's Seth?
  20. SethBling