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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by justin2001, May 20, 2015.

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  1. Is there a 24/7 free hosting that can allow unlimited plugin, about 5-10 players and have acces to ftp?
  2. Try
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  3. Short answer: Not really.

    Long answer: You bring shame to your family.
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  4. Host @ home if your network etc is able to do that
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  5. Nothing is free. Most of the stuff you'll get are trials. So gl;hf.
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  6. You can not find anything free
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  7. If your just playing it with your friends why not just host it on your own computer? Just run the server when you want to play with your friends.

    Otherwise; no, you will need to pay if you want that sort of thing.
  8. jeff142


    Home host it is the closest you will get to free.
    (It's not free but your parents cover cost with out knowing)
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  9. konsolas


    There is no option for 24/7 free hosting. Just pay a few pounds a month, it's not that much.
  10. Ive used triangle gs before and it has a lot of problem. My server is not running but i still can play it. Thats so weird. And i cant add files because my server is not running.
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  11. Free hosts=Always disabled after some time and lot of problems.
  12. Ikr. Anyway to the OP: Home Host or buy like a 1gb server from my dedi for like 2$ a month. It's better than GGServers but the CPU is amazing so... SSD, Great CPU, no oversell, Cheap what's not to love? I even have Multicraft installed because my friend doesn't know how to use screen. So I'm forced to use Multicrap.
  13. There is no free host, buy a PaySafe Card or something, otherwise maybe triangle
  14. You won't find this. Either find money or host it on your own.
  15. Home hosting sucks. It cant run 24/7. Now my triangle hosting works back again! It can host 24/7 and have unlimited plugin!
  16. You're right about the Home Hosting but if you had a computer than can run 24/7 then it's all good.
  17. triangle is on an x amount of time not availible so that sucks
  18. Unlimited plugins but limited ram.
  19. I have triangle gs!
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