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  1. Despawn, or push back? Despawning would reduce server load, but push back would be a better user experience (it wouldn't look like the server was bugging out).

    Similarly, how about electric fences? If mobs or players bump into them, they get hurt. Bonus points if you can make them toggle on and off with a redstone signal.
    Scratch that one - it already exists...
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    Do you mean Pokémon? :unsure:
  3. No, of course not.
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    I'm joking

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  5. Monthly crates plugin where you can play the monthly crate and it will open with the items from the crate in the air, like
  6. My skript despawner remove mobs in radius one time when placed(this loads much) and cancels spawn(very low loads to server). It reduced server load
  7. Events pre-configurated in a GUI (One click for start the event)
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  8. What do you mean events? If you mean like practice events you could just use the plugin GUI plus and make your own custom GUI.
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  9. I'm not talking about java events, it's more like minigame events, you see?
  10. You have to be more specific
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  11. Maybe an AdminGUI / Admin Controlpanel
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  12. If you want, you can check my resorces, most of all are open source !
  13. a chat plugin

    Chat Format
    Chat Color
    Sign Color
    Name color (/namecolor and it come a menu u know)
  14. No Gravity Potions, Elytra bomber
  15. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with the newest update features, sorry about that
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  16. A plugin with flying minecart ?