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  1. Hey Spigots,

    I am Cian and I am a Minecraft YouTuber, My channel is mainly based on Tutorials at the moment and I am interested in doing a few plugin reviews for some of you guys! In return of this review // Tutorial, I would like to have my video on your page or plugin page! If your interested in this offer, contact me via skype. I have my own server but I would need a copy of the plugin!

    Skype - CianV8


    PS - Wasnt sure where to put this! :p

    Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/amazingspike
  2. You sound kinda young, not meant to be insulting.

    Also, I went through your videos and found nothing but let's plays, so this is lies.
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  3. alright, What I meant by that was, well didnt explain it well so sorry but I meant I am starting to focus my channel on tutorials. And yes, I do sound young :p
    Hey! :p
  4. Do you know who I am?
  5. I cant remember lmao change name?
  6. Nah, look at my Username
  7. I dont xD :/
  8. Have any examples of previous work?
  9. Not really, Thats why I am looking to do plugin reviews :p
  10. Oh my god... you're too much.
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  11. lol?
  12. It was sarcasm x.x
  13. Can you review this? <3
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  14. Fixed! :3