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  1. Hello spigot, I am about to go on a little rant about free plugins.

    I've been thinking about posting something like this for the past few days, and I have finally decided to go ahead and say what's on my mind.

    First Plugins
    -There are WAY too many "first plugins". All you do by posting your first plugin is drowning out the plugins that actually have value and that are actually useful. People don't want a plugin that's 50 lines of code and just gives a user a diamond when they break a block. Most plugins are just low quality and don't need to be posted. Just keep them to yourself.

    Small Plugins - Useless plugins
    -Small plugins are a nuisance to look at. Most users don't want a plugin that changes the /? command when there is already a help.yml file for that. Most users also don't want a plugin that does ONE thing, like disable hopper crafting. If you're going to create a plugin like that, why not put more time into it and maybe make it so server owners can choose what crafting they want to disable? You'd get more downloads and rep that way if you did. More small plugins just means more plugins our server has to load and run, which the CPU and Memory does not like. Make plugins that actually have more than one use to them, the more useless plugins you have the more the USEFUL plugins get drowned out.

    Duplicate Plugins

    -Look around before posting a plugin. Even if you think your plugin is amazing and better, it's probably been created before. There's a search box in the top right if you haven't noticed. Take a few seconds to search for similar plugins before posting your resource. For example, why do I want your plugin that has 3 commands and is 7kb, when I can get another plugin that has way more features than yours, includes your commands/features, and works better. I don't like looking at the same resource/type of plugin on every other page. - on the page after the first link) - (Do the same thing, and are tiny and there are other plugins that do the same thing with more features...)

    Suggestion #1: There needs to be a system where users can vote or report a plugin to get it removed from the free plugin list. Doing this would let users see many more quality plugins and not so many pointless plugins.

    Suggestion #2: There needs to be a minimum size for free plugins. Most plugins that have any quality to them are atleast 7-10kb.

    TL;DR: Nobody wants to see your useless, low quality, ugly, hard-coded plugins when we need to find useful plugins that we need for our server. If you make a plugin like this, put more time than 5 minutes in to it and actually make it a plugin the general person could use.

    If you have any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear it. Anything that makes this community better than it already is would be awesome.
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  2. Since low effort ≠ malicious, they are actually fine. Though I agree with low effort plugins are annoying, not encouraging people's not-bad effort is offensive.
    Edit: I meant, if people make a decent working plugin but you characterize it as low-effort, it is offensive. Sorry for the confusion.
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  3. I disagree with that. I hate plugins that do more than what I actually want them to do, and that is ultimately why I started making my own instead. I would much rather have a catered ONE thing that functions exactly how I want, to have something that is bloated, and may do cool stuff.. that I may never use.

    This whole section echos what I was saying.. you complain about plugins doing a simple task, that another plugin does but has more features included. If I want a plugin that does A, and I find a plugin that only does A, then thats what I want. I don't want a plugin that does A and also has B thru F to offer if I am not looking for B thru F.
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  4. Competition is great. Also, if my first plugin would've been deleted, especially by community vote, I would've been so disheartened I would've went and gotten a job in sales or something stupid.
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  5. I don't really see the issue here. Small, first-time plugins usually don't hurt anyone (unless they're malicious, which is another topic entirely) and could be useful to people looking for a plugin with that specific purpose without extra features they don't want/need that eat up CPU cycles and RAM. I don't see how actively stifling competition just so you can save 5 seconds searching could be beneficial.
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  6. instead of complaining about all these first time developers trying to share their work for good reasons, we point them out on code that can be improved and give them a "Good Job!"?
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  7. But like I said above, there were two plugins that do the EXACT same thing on one page right after the other. What good does that do? Just makes the good plugins that actually have value fall to the back while plugins that have already existed and are just recreated horribly are pushed to the front.
  8. I'm not hating on them for being bad developers, we've all been there. I just don't think they need to post their first plugin they make that sends hello when you type in /hi. Why not make a section where users can rate code, suggest fixes, etc.? It'd be much easier than distracting people who want plugins for their servers.
  9. Competition is great, don't get me wrong. But what people are doing is copying other plugins, recoding it themselves, then uploading it. It'd be like having windows, and then some other company comes along and copies everything that windows does with maybe one extra feature.

    And for the voting for delete, there could be limits on that(Certain amount of posts, likes, etc.) and maybe a mod could be alerted and approve/disapprove the vote.
  10. I'm not trying to target ALL free plugins, just the ones that are like what I discussed in the main post.
  11. Me neither... Sorry for the confusion...?
  12. Sorry, I was confused by this a little bit.
  13. Diversity is good. Maybe one plugin breaks some time, you can use the other one. The CPU / Ram point is no real point as the difference is nearly zero (I think not more than 10 objects of simple classes per plugin by cb/spigot). Also it does not hurt anyone and if there are small feature differences, you can compare and maybe you see a feature in a plugin you didn't thought of, but you like it?
  14. Who cares, they aren't paid plugins so what's the big deal? Not like people are profiting off these "low quality" plugins and they will be pushed down the list of plugins too if they aren't wanted by users either.
  15. Cldfire

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    Um. There are a lot of reasons why I'd want a plugin that only does one thing. I disagree with you on that point and a lot of other points here, including not releasing a plugin that does something someone else has. Other points I agree with, but maybe not be so hard on people getting started... People need support, and sometimes this is the only thing to keep them going. Downloads.

    Are there too many dumb plugins that do the same thing? Maybe. And tiny plugins that don't do much? Sure. But that's what filters are for. Spigot could add a size filter and boom, done.
  16. Well in the world of coding, there are a hundred different paths to your result. Maybe the plugin before did what you wanted to, but the new plugin did it more efficiently. And if a old better published plugin is really better, then it will still get noticed. However, if you disagree so much with bettering a plugin by adding ONE feature or ONE change.. then a community surrounding devs that are aimed towards servers that do EXACTLY this, seems to be a weird place to bring it up.

    Sometimes that ONE thing is what separates you. Sometimes you may do exactly the same thing, but you are better at bug tracking, and updating accordingly. Same with the servers they support, I can run a server that is exactly the same as my competitor, but maybe I feel my community is stronger and staff are better suited and mature to handle it well. On the surface it looks the same, but details outside of the plugin (or the server) could be what makes it actually 'better'.
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  17. More small plugins does not necessarily mean more CPU and RAM usage a small plugin can be loaded alot quicker than a big plugin that you may not use half the features of.
  18. Okay, I never thought about it like that.
  19. But when you're talking about servers, one feature or plugin it could be a huge game changer and that could be the whole reason your server is better. When you talk about a plugin, if you have 1 more command than another plugin it doesn't really make much of a difference. Again, I'm not saying ALL plugins are like this; just some plugins are.
  20. I'm not trying to hate on starting developers so much, if you can create an awesome plugin that is low quality, great! Keep doing it. Work on it, improve it. But when you make a plugin that has been posted 10 times before it or similar to it, what's the point?
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