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  1. Hello,

    This might be the wrong section. I wasn't sure where to post this. Please tell me if this is the wrong section then I will remove it and post it in the good forum.

    I am making two minigames and I'm planning on posting them as an Premium Resource on Spigot, but I need help testing them before I can post the minigames. I need at least 12 people (11 people not including myself) to be able to test it. Everybody that helps me test the plugin will get it free when it's finished. You need to have Skype. If you're interested please comment and add me on Skype: martinw2002.

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  2. I can do it. I will send you a message in Skype! Just wait ;)
  3. Also what do you mean about wrong section?
    I think you can post your help on this section. :)
  4. Sure- I'll skype u when I get home

  5. Deal, Let's do this.
  6. I can help you out, added on Skype! :)
  7. I will be happy to help
  8. I can help if you still need people :)
  9. The OP has not been on for 2 weeks.
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  10. Ummm... I Don't Have Skype Can We Use PM
  11. What kind of gamemode is it? :)
  12. I was very busy with school and I got sick, but now I want to start again making plugins. Someone else made a minigame that I wanted to make so I am open for ideas. Just PM me and if I like the idea I'll make the minigame and you will it free.
  13. Hey sorry i didnt pm you the idea yet, but i need to say get well soon :)
  14. I will and I can put it on my server in future.
    Skype: nikklo98