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  1. Disclaimer: I'm not entirely sure if this is in the right section, so I apologize to any of the Spigot moderators in advance.

    Hi there Spigot community! My internet handle is tacojaw, but feel free to call me taco for short. I know how incredibly demanding developers are in the Minecraft world, and you may have even tried learning to create plugins yourself to save some cash. A lot of people dive straight in with zero background knowledge in Java, which makes the whole learning process a lot more difficult. A thorough understanding of a language is essential to working on any project.

    I've seen a few posts similar to this one in the past, but in my opinion there can't be enough free help. I'm here to offer my knowledge in the Java language to anyone who is a beginner or at an intermediate level. Sessions will occur via Skype and will generally cover one to two topics, depending on the circumstance. Note that my lessons will not include anything related to Bukkit/Spigot, strictly the core knowledge of Java. If you have a couple questions I probably won't mind answering, but the lesson will not revolve around Minecraft related plugins. My objective is to teach you to become comfortable as well as know your way around the language of Java, so you can solve these types of problems on your own.

    I will use a microphone that has very high quality to communicate with you, although voice communication isn't required. Not only will I introduce strictly code related examples, I will use analogies to help you grasp the understanding of the language.

    Lessons will last for 10 minutes, that will generally cover one to two topics. I'm doing this completely free, and will answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. If you would like more time with me, as of now I'll be asking $5 for 30 minutes, and $10 for an hour. If you were pleased with a free lesson, feel free to donate or leave a nice vouche in the replies below. I'm doing this for you guys, as well as a little coffee money to keep me awake while I study for school.

    All throughout high school I've taken Advanced Placement Computer Science classes and have done exceptionally well. I was never afraid to ask the professor questions that may have challenged the subject, or in frequent cases, introduce a new task in mind. I will do my very best to inform you, as I personally feel comfortable working in the language of Java.

    Feel free to ask any questions/comments/concerns in the replies below. If you interested in a lesson, send me a direct message with your topic of choice and I'll reply with my Skype username. Have a great day guys!
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  2. See, this is what Minecraft communities, in general, really need. Time and time again, I see server owners shell out anywhere from $100-$500 for incredibly simple plugins that anyone with a base knowledge of Java could create. It's ignorance in its purest form. Why pay $200 for a custom plugin when you can take a couple hours each day and make it yourself?

    This is definitely a great idea. Java is a beautiful language, not just for server extensions, but also for practically everything else. Be it web-platforms or a mobile application. It will get the job done. I hope people consider this.
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  3. Thanks for replying! I really couldn't agree more. I see the same exact thing time after time, simple jobs costing way too much. I honestly love Java as a language and that is why I'm seeking to help people not just learn how to use it, but understand its uses and functionality.
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  4. Bump. Free lessons!
  5. What a nice thing to do! I'd love to try a lesson, but, I'd like to confirm this, if I participate in the free lesson, I have no obligation to purchase a paid lesson other than my own freewill? Thanks!
  6. It's absolutely free, I do this in my spare time. It keeps me involved in Java and learning new concepts, while expanding and sharing my knowledge with others. You could always do multiple free lessons, just not back to back. I'm not really doing this for money, it's just if you're feeling generous one day!