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Should I Make More Templates?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I Don't Really Care

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  1. paint travesty
  2. Normally really love templates, but this on is too pixely. You should keep trying to improve :)
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  3. Edit: just put my logo on it and redraw the out line, turned out awesome. Thanks a lot :) I shaded it a bit off, though lol

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  4. Could you send me a PSD file through PM? I want it :p
  5. Can you make one for me?
  6. "I redrew the lines, shaded it..." *comes out 100x better than the original*
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  7. Maybe some other logos would be nice Do you have the PSD file?
  8. Aw, thanks guys :) I don't mean to steal this thread from the op though... I can send you one with out the text and I used a font called "kraash" in case you want to use it. Also fixed the shading on the left sword just in case someone really does use this as their logo. template.png
  9. I should make some paid for logos, templates xD since you guys like them... would anyone be interested, for a dollar or two?
  10. I would! Server name is Unblocked, our theme is, well, kinda make it off our icon? upload_2016-5-22_20-58-26.png

  11. I am not that good xD
  12. Better than me right now, I have a broken arm. I don't need as much detail as the icon, only like a blue, gold, grey theme.
  13. mini necroposting its real
  14. i want to make logo too
  15. Nice Template!