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Should free plugins be foss

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  1. So, I was browsing the resource section, when I found an API that had things like actionbars, titles, ping, holograms etc built in, and that had support for many versions. I was curious, so I downloaded it and opened it in IntelliJ, obfuscated. In my opinion there is absolutely no reason for the plugin to be obfuscated. I think that if you own a free plugin on spigot, it should at least not be obfuscated, at most have a github with the up to date source. If it's not an income generator, I think that people should be able to see your idea, and either add onto it, or at the very least be able to see the cogs and gears that make it up. What do all of you think?
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  2. Inkzzz

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    Most developers have free sources which are not obfuscated and will be available on Git websites. However, at the end of the day, it is the authors choice.
  3. Authors choice

    Edit: someone just replied that xD
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  4. It's annoying as hell and makes it close to impossible to track down errors when somebody obfuscates their code, but if they don't want you to look at their code it's their choice lol.

    My problem with spigot is all the downloads are completely unchecked. So far I've spotted three different viruses on this site and i generally don't even download plugins from here. Perfect example is when the factions author got hacked and the hacker uploaded a force OP and some other evil content hidden inside a massiveCraftCore jar. So when the JAR is obfuscated it makes it very difficult to find these viruses inside the JARs.
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  5. MiniDigger


    I completely agree with OP. spigot disallow uploading of free, obfuscated plugin for security, maintainability, learn ability and other stuff like that
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  6. Probably because people steal the code and then sell it themselves.
  7. Just let the authors do what they want, it's their work. Personally my plugins aren't obfuscated but I don't have a problem with free ones that are. Maybe the author is trying to protect a neat method of doing things and, although morally questionable, it's completely in their right.
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  8. md_5

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    No, we're not going to be implementing rules that force some sort of definition / ideology on what "free software" is towards users.
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