Spigot [Free]Skript Auto Message 1.0

Free, Skript, message, auto

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    [Free]Skript Auto Message - Free, Skript, message, auto

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  2. Well... No. Just no. That's why people think that Skript is bad.
    Don't post scripts if you didn't test them.

    This kind of script doesn't require SkQuery first of all.
    Also, there are no instructions and non-skript users doesn't know what to do with that and how to edit messages.
    The first message will be displayed just the first time you run this script because there's no way to return a not setted {msg} if you don't delete it.

    I suggest you to create options and make life easier to non-skript users.

    I don't want to be rude, i just want to help but i don't like that people say "Skript is bad" just because a lot of users post scripts without test them and without explaining how to use them.

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