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  1. Hi there,

    Says it on the tin just offering free web hosting due to having a few spare web servers which are no longer in use. Terms are pretty simple. No illegal content, and no resource hogging. Apart from that, go wild.

    We provide little to no support as this is well... it's free.

    We add your websites one at a time and so please be willing to wait. Complaints will simply result in a ban from using our service. Join our discord server to grab your website.

    Here's some useful info:

    Pure RAID 10 SSD Storage with Intel Xeon E5 CPUs protected with Enterprise DDOS Protection. We're CloudFlare optimized partners allowing us to give you CloudFlare + Railgun as a part of our hosting. Increasing performance by 200% and saving you $200 a month just by using us. Servers have 32GB RAM.

    Why are we doing this? Used to run a hosting business called Huskymakes, which was recently shut down. I decided to give back to the community which has given many great memories and friends. Plus it costs next to nothing.

    If you're looking for 24/7 support I suggest you get yourself hosted with a hosting company such as pebblehost. They do pretty good deals. Anyways see you there.
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  2. Uhm, interesting. I don't have discord, but I might be interested in April if there's still space. We have a little creative game server we wanna run for a while. It doesn't hurt to dump that on some free setup. It's whitelisted, so shouldn't cause any stress.
  3. Haha that's fine :) good luck with your server!
  4. Hmm... are you offering that expensive Railgun perk from Cloudflare for free here too? They thing cut too much at Cloudflare, I still don't understand why the partner ones are so cheap...
  5. Discord invite link updated :)

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