Free vs Paid plugins

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Free or Paid plugins

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  1. Free

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  2. Paid

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  3. Paid additions/addons?

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  1. This topic has been summarized and can be found here:

    I'm not here to start a flame war. I just want some responses to the question: do you prefer paid or free plugins? I'm not looking for basic responses like "I like free plugins because they are free." I want detailed arguments on both sides.

    Disclaimer: this is to collect information for an upcoming article on my Minecraft News blog regarding Free and Paid addons in the Minecraft universe. I am not trying to start a debate.
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  2. I like paid plugins as they offer updates and genuinely have more effort and time put into them. They will also be fixed of there are huge etc though there are very good free plugins I mutch prefer paid.
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  3. It depends on a ton of things. Sometimes free plugins are better than the paid ones, other times you're better off getting a paid plugin. Talking custom made paid plugins, I think it's completely pointless to pay someone to make you a plugin that already exists just because you want it "custom", but the same thing falls under paid resource plugins, it's pointless to buy a paid plugin or post one paid when there are others that are equal or better for free.
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  4. Free plugins. Without essentials, Worldedit, PermissionsEx. Servers would die. Only the rich can make servers for players :p

    Paid ones are good if they truly have lots of features and are well updated. and if people would stop rating plugins bad for bugs, its one of the main reasons Bukkit devs dont come here due to the "toxic rating review section"
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  5. I like paid,

    Paid are much more well made then the free ones and a lot of the creators spend more time on there paid plugins then any there free ones.

    I also really think paid plugins are what makes all servers connect. What I mean by that is when Featherboard and Tab and VoteParty at the time were on a few servers it then got "viral" to the point where all servers started buying it and using it.

    Paid plugins are just very easy to manage it's config and are just have wonderful support.
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  6. I like paid as well, it allows the author to gain profit as well as make it better and allot better well made :)!
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  7. Paid plugins offer quality content to be made by the developer with an inspiration in mind. Donating tells the developer that you support them and their project.
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  8. I like free plugins, especially plugins with publicly available sources (on GitHub, for example).

    When I search for plugins here on Spigot, I usually look for libraries and plugins that do very specific tasks because I develop most of the plugins for my server and it's nice not having to reinvent the wheel. I don't necessarily need feature-rich, highly-configurable plugins: I just need tools to achieve that myself.

    Plugins have historically been free as well (think back to DevBukkit), so there's a nostalgia aspect. :p
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  9. Paying for a plugin isn't donating.
    Free plugin and donation is donating.
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  10. You get my point.
  11. What about donating on free plugins?
  12. simpleauthority


    It depends on the plugin, really.

    If it's small and easily made, free.
    If it's more complex, takes a lot of time, and requires frequent updates then I have no problem paying.

    You get what you pay for.
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  13. people rarely "donate" for the free plugins.
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  14. Usually people that post free plugins have a donation button to support them for their work. The small problem with this is that not many people give out money if they don't have too. Also, people that create premium plugins are forced into updating their plugins and making them better due to the fact that if they don't, they will get bad reviews and loose their business.
  15. If a developer puts a lot of effort into resource they should have the rights to ask a bit of pocket change for it. Some plugins take ALOT of effort and I dont mind spending the odd 5$ or 10$ on it. Do all premium plugins deserve to be premium? Debatable, but there are alot that are worth it and the developers behind them are great people too.

    It all depends on your perspective on it, is it worth it to you or not. That's the question every single person has to make up for him/herself
  16. I don't prefer either, I prefer custom as I make my own plugins. *puts on dank glasses*
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  17. You'd be surprised.
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  18. For a stat, my plugin DiscordSRV has had ~20 out of ~350 active servers donate to me (5%; 1 in 20 people.)
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  19. Strahan


    I don't care; I look for the functionality I want. If it's free, cool. If it's paid, I buy it. It's not like plugins are ever really expensive.
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  20. I think free plugins and paid for plugins both have their place. Free plugins are what really has made the community overall since without many projects that are open source and free the community likely wouldn't be where it is today. However to me paid for plugins bridge the gap for people who either do not develop or cannot afford to pay someone to develop content for them. Many paid for plugins are sought after features that before only people who had in-house developer teams had. The only problem I see with paid for plugins in many cases is that the author goes inactive and those plugins no longer get updates which is a risk you have to take but also isn't exactly fair to the consumer. So to sum it up free normally has freedom attached to it, its normally open source which is a bonus if the original maintainer doesn't want to work on the project anymore and paid plugins provide content that is normally not available for free.
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