Free Xenforo alternative?

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  1. Hey. I'm looking for a free website/forum builder like Xenforo that has a free option. I would not mind if it had a free option and a chance later on to pay for premium. Does anyone know any?
  2. MyBB is a good choice, however customizing it and adding things requires some html and css skills.
  3. phpbb, mybb (both totally free)
  4. I might check out Mybb then because I do know HTML not too much CSS tho but I think its worth a try
  5. Any others tho?
  6. I recommend MyBB, enjin is a good one but not many people like it...
  7. Yeah I used to go with enjin and people just shit talked me for using it lool
  8. That's not nice. :(

    They shouldn't has told you legitimate objections why they didn't like you using that platform. Such as "I am sorry I don't like it because of xyz" or something along those lines.

    That's way you can kinda get an idea what platform they WILL like in the end.
  9. Yeah I know. In my opinion enjin was okay just because of its easy set up. But I just didint like how it looked and everything so I just kinda stopped with it
  10. You can actually make a great looking enjin website if you know what your doing...
    Look at this: (Created Using Enjin)
  11. I has to say it outright expensive too (8.95 Month to Month the last time I remember..). I would suggest you also explain to your community about how to properly complain to you and explaining that it would help everyone better in the end. Because knowing WHAT the complains are can do you well. It just when people complain "THIS SUCK BLAHBLAH" that it get annoying and rude..
  12. NamelessMC?
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  13. You can only make it look good if you pay tho I don't want to pay for a website just yet
  14. true
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  15. mathhulk

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    Like the others said, I would suggest going with myBB. It offers FULL theme customization and editing, and along with that, you can edit pretty much every picture, post, and user.
    If you want to see a nice myBB forums, this is mine: (Not trying to advertise.)
  16. I use enjin because its free, and I only need it for a forum site.
  17. That is nice
  18. Disqus?
    Btw you can google it tho... Click
  19. I can vouch for this, and their source is open so you can customize it in any way you want. You will need your own host with PHP 5.5 I believe.